Info 10 Shows to Watch After Star Trek Discovery

Oct 31, 2018
Nice article, but two points to make:
  1. I cannot believe you placed Futurama on this list, but since you did add the incredibly fabulous Babylon 5, all is forgiven.
  2. Where is The Expanse?!?! Really?! James Holden, Christjen Avasarala, Bobbie Draper, Naomi Nagata, Drummer, Amos, I could go on and on listing the fantastic characters in The Expanse. The show has for me at least supplanted even Babylon 5 as the best scifi show ever. Not only is it great acting, impressive effects, and a storyline that keeps you begging for more, it is - and this is why I love it so much - an entirely believable possible near-term future for humanity. I can only hope that such a great production was omitted from your list because you are sadly unaware of it, in which case I cannot emphasize enough that you are missing out, big time. Meaning it's time for you to run, not walk, and plant yourself in front of a screen to watch the first three seasons of The Expanse, available on Amazon Prime.