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  1. Marshall Honorof

    Info 10 Shows to Watch After Star Trek Discovery

    If you've got an unquenchable thirst for sci-fi action until Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 airs, these 10 series should tide you over. 10 Shows to Watch After Star Trek Discovery : Read more
  2. M

    Solved! Laptop for computer science - Virtual Machines and long coding sessions

    Hey guys. I'm in University and my old laptop is simply not good enough for me. I am going to need a laptop that can run a Linux server VM alongside windows, and still work at least somewhat decently. It's very important for me that it runs smoothly, I don't want a laggy computer. So here...
  3. C

    Choosing a Laptop for Statistics/Data Science

    I am a new graduate student in statistics, and I am looking to buy a laptop that will allow me to handle moderate statistical workloads. At this point, I have narrowed my choice down to two laptops: a Dell XPS 15 or a Dell Precision 7530. I have two main questions about these machines. First...
  4. I

    Monster Hunter World - A Tzitzi for Science Quest Guide

    This is just like some previous quests where you have to follow the routine of tracking and hunting down a monster. So if you want to know more about the quest and how to complete it, then makes sure to read the guide given below: Walkthrough: A pretty easy quest that requires you to hunt down a...
  5. Kybz

    Best Laptop For Computer Science Student?

    I've already got a gaming pc (GTX 1080, i5-6600k) but I need a laptop for uni. I don't know what specs you need for a laptop to code on or do general studying on, so any advice would be appreciated. I've been looking at MacBooks but they're way too expensive. I would like a laptop that has...
  6. S

    Is this laptop good for Computer Science/Engineering (university context)?

    Hi everyone, I need some professional advice please and try to give me some of your precious time thank you :) Is this laptop good and sufficient for University in terms of its specs? (for Computer Engineering or Computer Science). The laptop...
  7. Dimitry

    Laptop for Data science and analytics (masters) - form filled

    Hello everyone! I need some advice and guidance in choosing laptop for my Masters in Data Science and Analytics. This is my first time looking for a computer (laptop in particular) for a specific task. I've read lot's of articles on the matter but I am still confused which one to choose. Can...
  8. A

    How does a Python function work to control other hardware?

    I'm sorry if I'm misusing the word package. I have little experience in Python, and am still learning. So in my computer science class, we are using these robots called Finch to learn the very basics of robotics. So using the Finch package, we can make the robot do things with simple function...
  9. S

    Better laptop overall

    Which laptop should I buy as a computer science student ? Or
  10. G

    Creating a drone from base down... Need help!

    Hi, for a school science fair kind of project I need to complete to graduate and get a diploma. We (me and a friend) chose to make a drone. Do I make it a quad copter? Since it's more motors, it must be more expensive, were using a 3Dprinter and designing the thing ourselves, do you have an idea...
  11. B

    Laptop for Computer Science

    I need a laptop which I plan to use as my primary unit to study on. As it stands, I do not plan on doing anything such as video editing. So the GPU included is of no particular interest to me. I have been looking at getting a laptop with a 7700HQ CPU but they almost always are gaming laptops...
  12. G

    How to Take Pictures of the Eclipse on Your Smartphone

    Can You Photograph the Solar Eclipse with Your Phone or Tablet? With a few caveats, the answer is "yes." How to Take Pictures of the Eclipse on Your Smartphone : Read more
  13. M

    Solved! Need help buying laptop for Computer Science

    Hello guys In January I will start studying computer science. And both my future teacher and friend who graduated last year recommended me buying me a good laptop instead of a desktop pc since apparently i won't need the desktop. I have a budget of $1200 max (right now) or up to $1700 with the...
  14. M

    Multiple Microphones Recording

    All I really need to find out is a way to set up two mics to simultaneoulsy record sound a certain distance apart from each other so that I can later do some calculations on this based on data in Audacity. The general gist I guess is just to find a reliable way to have one mic pick up a sound...
  15. D

    Looking for a low-budget PC for programming - Computer Science studies.

    Hello! I am on search of a laptop suitable for programming tasks. I may be a Computer Science and am planning ahead for a PC up to the minimum requirements. ...Something below $500 or around ₦100,000- ₦150,000. I need a high quality type, which would have a life span of over 6 years as the...
  16. G

    Best Apps for the 2017 Solar Eclipse

    Make the most of the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 with apps for your iPhone or Android device. Best Apps for the 2017 Solar Eclipse : Read more
  17. B

    Laptop help asap please!!

    I currently have this laptop I am pursuing Computer Science Engineering, will this laptop last till my whole degree and possibly after 1-2 years after that considering that i play casual...
  18. M

    Gaming laptop ~$1000

    I'm going into computer science this upcoming semester and I want a decent laptop with overall good performance and build quality. I have three options: Acer Aspire VX 15: http:// ASUS M580VD-EB76: http:// Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming i7 GTX 1050ti version http:// The three relatively have the...
  19. M

    College Freshmen into Computer Science

    I'm entering into college with the intended major of computer science. I was wondering if I could [have] laptop recommendations under $1,000. The laptop definitely would have to be an i7 with a dedicated graphics card, with at least 16GB of ram, and an SSD for storage. If there are any...
  20. T

    Computer Science Laptop Specs

    Do you need a good graphics card for your laptop when majoring in computer science?
  21. E

    Laptop for 1000$

    I want to buy a laptop. I am student of B.Sc ( computer science). My maximum budget is 1000$. Core i7 5th gen. what about this model {dell i7 7000}?
  22. T

    Computer Science Laptop Help!!!

    Hello, this is my first post so bear with me! I am entering my first year of college in Fall of 2017. I am majoring in computer science and I am looking for a laptop that will last me 4+ years and run every program I will need for computer science. I have no idea what programs I will be using. I...
  23. B

    So seriously considering the new Macbook pro 15 for computer science at university

    Wondering if there are any devs out there using one or have experience with using macs for coding. I have been shopping around and I can't find a whole ton on the new MBP on the dev side. My parents are not liking the price tag but are willing to shell it out(With my help of course) if it...
  24. Graybush

    What Do You Think Is The Best Technology in Science-Fiction? A May 4th Celebration

    Hey there everyone! In honor of Star Wars Day this year (May the 4th Be With You), we want to celebrate by talking about some of the best (and worst) gadgets found in the science-fiction genre. Would you want to own a light saber? What about a custom-made ray blaster? Let us know!
  25. W

    Best Laptop for my needs?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a laptop. Ill just list my needs: -Under $1000, (preferably between 650 and 800) -Simple and Professional looking without all the crazy gamer designs (able to use at science fairs) -Able to run Auto desk, Ide's and light gaming -Lightweight and smaller ( around 13-15...
  26. S

    dell xps 15 vs macbook pro vs hp spectre x360 15 for computer science?

    What is the better of the three for computer science as I want a long lasting powerful laptop with strong battery life.
  27. M

    Laptop for medium to high gaming and computer science

    Hello guys So i am a senior in high scholl and i am planning to major in computer science. i was wondering if you could help me finding a laptop that is both good for computer science and some medium gaming for 1000 dollars. Thank you in advance :)
  28. G

    This Einstein Robot Can Teach Your Kids Science

    A new robot, designed to look like Albert Einstein with lifelike expressions, could make it to your teen's room to help with science and math homework. This Einstein Robot Can Teach Your Kids Science : Read more
  29. N

    Macbook Air i5/128/8 for computer science?

    Macbook Air i5/128/8 for computer science? So I'm thinking of getting MB air for college. Can't afford the 256 GB model, nor the pros. My college classes might require me to install Linux or Windows along with MacOs. Is 128 GB enough to run both MacOs and either of Linux or widows? And also the...
  30. U

    Laptop for a computer science major?

    My mother is buying me a laptop for me as I am going into college as a computer science major next year. I really want to make a smart decision with the money she is spending for me and don't want to spend money on unnecessary specs. The best bang for the buck I found is this laptop...
  31. M

    Python code error

    I am really struggling to find the error with the python code i have created for my a-level computer science class. Any help would be appreciated. (Using version 3.5) import time print("Quiz time!") print() time.sleep(1) print("Question 1") time.sleep(1) q1=input("What is the capital city of...
  32. S

    i5-6200U with GeForxe 930M(2 GB) and 12 GB RAM vs i7-6560U with Iris 540 and 8 GB RAM

    For a computer science major (haven't declared which branch of CS - software, multimedia, etc), which of these 2 set-ups will be better-suited? How do they match up to one another?
  33. J

    Good laptop for Computer Science major?

    I'm currently going into my 2nd year of college and am wondering what laptop I should get for the next 3 years of school. I already have a desktop build at home (i7-4790k, 980ti, 16gb of ram, etc.) in which I can do a lot work on. My concern is that I'm going to spend $800+ on a laptop that I...
  34. Paul Wagenseil

    Hacker Wants You to Make Your Own Medical Drugs at Home

    Cheap chemical equipment may let you make your own medical drugs, circumventing the pharmaceutical industry, one hacker says. Hacker Wants You to Make Your Own Medical Drugs at Home : Read more
  35. C

    How is the Asus GL502 Strix for school courses and getting work done?

    Basically, I just want to know if the GL502 is a good choice for stuff like Computer Science courses. I will also be coding and running programs that may be graphically-intensive. (kind of vague right now) I will also be doing cyber-defense related stuff. (Of course, I will also do all the usual...
  36. S

    Best college laptop for Comp Science under 800$?

    Hello, I am looking for some suggestions... I need a new laptop for my next semester at college, I am a computer science major. I was looking at the Lenovo 710s which seemed pretty well for me but I read up that apparently lenovo locked down some bios options and at this time it is impossible...
  37. R

    Laptop guidance needed for Comp Science Student.

    I'll be using the laptop for coding and application development. Most important qualities needed: 1. Solid Build. 2. Good Display. 3. Good Battery life. 4. I rarely game, so gpu doesn't matter. 5. Budget 700$ I'll be putting a 512gig SSD and ubuntu into the laptop once I get it so storage...
  38. J

    Perfect laptop for computer science? Laptop or Desktop?

    So I am a a new college student and I am going to major in computer science. I currently have a nice gaming desktop but my laptop is very old and I was thinking about upgrading. So my question is what laptop would be perfect for a programmer/computer science major and/or could I get a cheaper...
  39. S

    Can the thinkpad t460p or the t460s work for computer science like the t450s?

    It appears that the thinkpad t450s model from lenovo is out of stock, will the t460p or the t460s work just as well and this one for computer science? I know that 5 could probably just buy it from Amazon or different place but I just want to know if the other versions of the thinkpad laptops...
  40. Z

    Looking for new headphones.

    For the past 4 years I have had Beats by Dre. Yes i know i have heard it all, how there not worth it and how they are over priced. I have had a great experience with them and I stick to my purchases as it was most viable at the time. The time has come though to get a new pair of headphones. Im...
  41. C

    Is the Acer Aspire r13 good to buy?

    So I am starting computer science at university, first year. I am looking for a laptop that performs well, is light and will last long. I found this computer: I couldn't...
  42. RAZER Gamer

    Visual Basic coding for GCSE work

    I have just started my Computer Science GCSE and have learnt the very basics, this work isn't for GCSE but is still being marked. I was wondering if anyone could help me add a loop to this code: Imports System.Console Imports System.Math Module Module1 Private Function CtoF(Celsius As...
  43. D

    Laptop for Programming at School?

    Hello Everyone, I'm majoring in Computer Science this semester and I'm taking Object-oriented programming. So my dilemma is, that I need a laptop that will last me the rest of the time I'm at school. I have a good home pc running Two 980 ti's. I just need something thats good for school when...
  44. R

    Best laptop for programming and general use under 500€

    Good morning everyone. I'm a Computer Science student and I'd like to buy a good laptop to program (Java, C, C++, C#, ...) and also to other basic stuff (create/edit/manage documents, listen to music, occasionally watching films and so on) without spending more than 500€. Are there any good...
  45. Reyero

    I need advice about a laptop that im going to buy

    I just started university about a month ago and since I took computer science I need a decent laptop for programming (Mircosoft Visual Studios, Dev C++), reports, casual gaming (Dota 2, CSGO) etc., and light weight, and I just wanna know what you guys think about the laptop I chose, which I plan...
  46. N

    Is a HD+ (1600x900) worth it for a 14" laptop?

    I'm a Computer Science grad student and this laptop will be my primary computer.Is it worth shelling out extra for a HD+ screen ? I'm a little tight on my budget, so I was thinking about cutting some cost with this.
  47. L

    I need a Laptop for college!

    Hello, My name is Luis, and I'm going to start studying engineering and computational science in Mexico, but I want a Laptop I got a Desktop which is the one that I use for gaming. But what laptop can you recommend to me?
  48. A

    Laptop buying help

    Hello. This is arun. I am thinking to buy a new laptop for daily use . I am a computer science student and use Photoshop and lightroom . I am confused between lenovo y50 and think pad yoga 15. Both has good specifications . I am looking particularity the 1080 p models . I need a laptop with...
  49. K

    Looking for a Laptop for University Computer Science (800$-1200$)

    Hello! I am going into Computer Science in the fall, but all I have is my large desktop (AMD Phenom II X6 1055T, GTX570, 8GB ram). To conserve space and have mobility I was looking to purchase a Laptop (If I sell my Desktop, It would be next to nothing, so Ill keep it for now). My only problem...
  50. M

    Need help picking a laptop for a college student

    I'm looking for a laptop for college. Im majoring in computer science. What i want one to have: Price Range: $600-$700 1. i5 2. 6 GB of ram or more 3. 256 GB hard drive or more 4. Touch screen would be nice 5. Something not really heavy It would be nice if someone can help...
  51. A

    what does 3000mAH on a device mean

    I have a remote backup charger which has 3000mAh stated on it. What does it mean. I know it is associated with current and stuffs. but how actually can i get to know about the concept behind this milli ampere hour stuffs??
  52. V

    Comp science engg student looking for good lappy which supports games too(India)

    I am looking to buy a new laptop as i m going into second year of comp science engineering. Requirements: 1. Should obviously deal with all my college requirements 2. Would love to get atleast 100+fps on cs go 2. future proof as much as possible Budget: on the lower side... nothing above 45k...
  53. I

    Laptop for computer science and gaming.

    hello. i am starting classes at my university soon. i would like to play NEXT gen games smoothly on high/medium setting on my laptop i would prefer a desk one but i would not be at home most of the time. so that is why i am going for a laptop. will it be too bulky? i have about 1500 dollars...
  54. N

    Best Laptop for Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science and Gaming for 4 years

    I am going to join an Undergraduate course in India. It has a rigorous curriculum. I'll be doing programming, and also would be a part of media club, so I want to handle do graphics designing, video editing and audio editing (I'll use a headphone, so I don't care about the speakers). So, what I...
  55. N

    Good High End Laptop for a Computer Science Student around $2000 - $2500

    I'm going to join a rigorous CS Under Graduate course. For this I need the best hardware which can smoothly run all games at ultra/high settings for the next 3-4 years and can Photoshop, After Effects, Math Lab etc. I've selected this...
  56. S

    how to code a program which accepts a list of numbers and calculate the maximum of the list of numbers using two function

    I am collage student by computer science and I want the answer of that I asked to
  57. tomsguideUS

    These New Battery Technologies Will Change Your Life

    There are lots of things we can imagine but can't execute without a better battery, but world-changing power technology is coming soon. These New Battery Technologies Will Change Your Life : Read more
  58. M

    Laptop for Computer science student in Dubai

    Hello everyone! I live in Dubai and my college starts in September and I am pursuing a computer science major. So I need some advice in buying laptops. I definitely don't want a dell as I had 3 Dells before and I am using my 4th one now and all of them have serious hardware issues (hard drive...
  59. S

    is quad core worth it?

    im a computer science major,. im debating between the following 2 laptops. the main difference is that the Toshiba is quad core. is it worth the extra $200 for that reason alone? OR...
  60. O

    Looking for a suggestion for a new laptop for a Computer Science Major

    Hello all, I've been browsing the community threads on my topic but haven't found much help for my current situation. I'm hoping someone out there would be able to give me some good suggestions. I will be starting my first year as a Computer Science major next fall. I currently have a high...