1080P home video rendering, playback problem.


Nov 11, 2013
ok, this is actually about this second time ive had this issue, but last time i found a usable workaround, but this time no such luck. the heart of the issue is that i have a video thats just over an hour long, and while its plays fine in the editor(s) (im trying this in both windows live movie maker, and AVS video editor free edition), however when i render the file (in 1080P), and try to play it back, i find issues with trying to use players like quicktime, and windows medea player they dont want to play the video properly, if at all. i just downloaded the DivX player, and it solved the issue with VLC player (not so bad since its a preferred player anyway), but its still annoying that it wont work in quicktime. any help you guys can offer?