116 BSoD Error on Dell laptop


Apr 20, 2015
That laptop was and IS experiencing a lot of overheating problems, probably because "hot" climate and bad cooling system. Thermal paste was replaced twice, still overheating. Few days ago computer overheated again, and... died with atikmpag.sys 0x00000116 BSoD error. No possible problems with third party software, because I tried to install Windows 8.1 (I was hoping, that it was Windows 7 problem), but that did not work. And yes, that laptop has one integrated (Intel's 3000) and other dedicated (Radeon 7xxxM, because I have no idea what video card it is, I only know it is 7000M series). Intel works perfectly fine, but Radeon is dead. After Windows 8.1 automatically installed Radeons drivers (Intel drivers were installed and working well for 5 minutes, until Radeons drivers were installed), it gave me same BSoD. I can't boot in Windows AT ALL, and I can't access Safe Mode (I don't know why). F8 can be helpful, because I can access command prompt! Yay! So, what should I do? And no, I do not have warranty.

I accessed Safe Mode! Yay! I reinstalled Radeon 7400M (I found it!) drivers, and nothing worked fine... At all... Then I tried to uninstall it's drivers and disabling it, and... Nothing again! I just give up on that thing, its pointless. I will just wait for your answer, maybe it will work.

Have you tried installing the driver for your graphics card from AMD support site? If not please do refer to this link where you can download the latest driver for your laptop. http://support.amd.com/en-us/download.

First make sure to uninstall the driver for your Radeon graphics card from Device Manager and in Programs and Feature then install the latest driver from AMD support site. Be sure to reboot your laptop after the installation has completed for all the changes to take effect.
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