Solved! 15 month old LG 75SK8070PUA black screen.

Nov 4, 2019
Hello guys! This is a 15 month old 75" QLED LG TV, beautiful tv up until 1 week ago screen went black randomly.

TV has power. Backlights work. Sound works. I replaced both the Mother Board and TCON board, no change. Checked every panel and zero visible damage to them or connecting wires. I am at an absolute loss. This tv has been babied and its connected to a great surge protector. No damage I can see anywhere.

At this point I just want to know WHAT caused this. No one seems to have a clue at this point. I have scoured the internet and this tv model has no problems like this. Lucky me, lol.

Please, anyone. Give me something to try! I even saw a service bulletin about the ESD diodes shorting out. Removed those, nothing.
Nov 4, 2019
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