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Sep 10, 2019
Hey all, looking for some recommendations for virus protection in 2019, but have some requirements:

  1. No junk (VPN, browsers, etc) installed, and no advertisements within the program. I'm looking for virus/ransomware/malware protection only.... not some software to tell me my Wifi is insecure for whatever reason. I don't need someone speeding up my PC either.
  2. License for an acceptable number of machines. 5 per household is minimum.

Currently, I am using bitdefender, and i feel like I'm paying them to advertise to me.


Mar 3, 2017
If you've been looking around and have seen Avast, the way our licenses work have changed up a bit recently — in ways that directly address the requirements you mentioned in your post. More information here and an explanation below.

I hope this helps while you or other folks with the same needs are researching available options.

Regarding licenses:

Previously, we had a couple of different license options with different feature sets. Now, you simply would upgrade to Premium which includes all our protection features. (More on that in a sec since you mentioned there are also things you don't want, hang tight)

In your case, you'd pick "Multi-Device" which covers up to 10 devices in your household.

Regarding features:

  • Our Premium option does not include our VPN or cleanup app. If you want them separately, you can do that, or for those who do want it as a package we bundle it with Ultimate.
  • When you install, Avast gives you the option to select exactly which shields and features you want to install. Pick "Custom Install" and the features you don't want will not be installed, simple as that. The custom install process is fully explained here, click on the "Custom Installation" tab.

Regarding advertisements:

When you upgrade your Avast you can turn off the notifications for other Avast products, and once you do so, they will not be shown. You can also control other notifications and what you choose to share, such as threat information. This is fully explained here. On a separate note, there is also Do Not Disturb mode which mutes notifications when you are in almost any fullscreen app, that is explained here.
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Are you sure you have or are using the paid version of Bitdefender?
I've been on Bitdefender for several years now and about the only notification that pops up for me is when I'm on a site where I pay my bills and it wants me to use some feature of it (wallet maybe?) but even that hasn't popped up in a while now that I think of it.
Oct 17, 2019
I have been using Eset Nod32 Antivirus for the last several years and I love it. It doesn't slow your PC while still keeping it safe & secure. You should give it a try.