3.5mm Headphones & Speakers combo


Jul 20, 2017

So I decided to upgrade my rig, everything went smooth but there is 1 thing I can't get working.

Before I start, I need to mention that I spend good 2 hours on research, trying to google my issue and etc, and nothing. Couldn't even find similar case.

I've upgraded from Asrock Fatal1ty motherboard which had Sound blaster recon 3di control panel for all audio settings and it was AWESOME, lots of cool features and etc. but the most important one, you could switch from Headphones to Speakers with 1 click. I had my Speakers connected to standard 3.5mm green back analog audio connector and my 3.5mm headphones to orange one (Connected according to scheme in Sound blaster 3di control panel)

New motherboard that I got (Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Gaming) comes with Realtek HD Audio and I simply can't get it working similarly to how it was before the upgrade. Sound works only with back 3.5mm green connector.

I tried AudioSwitchSetup but it only works with 3.5mm + USB combo.

So my question is: Is there any way to connect both 3.5mm headphones and 3.5mm speakers at the BACK and switch between them from OS?

Unfortunately due to my setup, front connectors are not available.

Thank you very much for the attention.


Question from dreamartz : "Switching between 2x 3.5mm devices"

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