3.5mm Male to Screw Terminal Connector & its potential use?

May 28, 2018
So-- I moved recently and was given a set of speakers.

The front left and front right channel speakers of a sony SS TS95.

What I'd like to do is convert the standard screw-terminal ends on these speakers to a 3.5mm stereo jack using: https://www.parts-express.com/35mm-male-to-screw-terminal-connector--090-110

Something like that. (And for the purposes of using them as my desktop computer speakers)

My issue is-- I'm being told that these speakers would still require amplification seeing as they're not powered in and of themselves.

Would I require a powered sub to chain this all together, or is there another method I could employ?

Thank you for any assistance/guidance you fine folks can afford me. :)
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