3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to the iPhone 4S

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Dec 10, 2010
Siri does look cool.

You Android fanboys are just as bad as Apple fanboys. What's the difference? Nothing.

The iPhones interface is what makes it so popular. It has nothing to do with the specs. Some people just don't seem to get that. There are some very annoying things about Apple, but those don't negate anything the company does.

When all is said and done, we are talking about f*cking phones here ... get over it.


Mar 17, 2010
I'll be sticking with my HD7 (till I get my mitts on a Titan) with a mobile OS thats actually innovative and a UI that promotes integration instead of a mad scramble to choose the app I need for the info that each app keeps in its own silo.
I've had an iPhoney and ditched it in under 2 months for the original SGS. They are now incredibly uninteresting devices with a vast userbase of low self esteem hipster users who'd buy anything so long as it had an apple logo on it.


Oct 5, 2011
Wolfgang Gruener, up off your knees from under Tim Cook's desk long enough to write more crap for Apple? You're pathetic.

Apple's business model is unethical.
1. Copy others when you can't create a product that sells.
2. When we finally create an interesting product, sue anyone for creating a similar product.
3. Musicians should just be happy they are getting ANYTHING thanks to iTunes.
4. Cut costs by using manufacturers where child labor is prevalent.
5. Smear others in advertising as we see fit.
6. Find fanboys online to write glowing recommendations about or products

I can't stand reading your articles because you're bent on promoting these guys.
Great products or not, I won't buy anything from Apple because they are so underhanded


s=[citation][nom]tmshdw[/nom]Another one for "moron who doesn't get it" column. Siri is not about voice recognition. It is about naturally speaking to a device that then responds back with the concise information you asked for. Perhaps you missed the Jeopardy series of shows where this tech was displayed and answered questions and outdid humans. And yes, I'm sure your favorite Android will hurriedly copy this and then declare "voice recognition has been around for a decade" as you do. Clue less, simply clue less.[/citation]

and this pretty much sums up the "apple fanboi who doesn't get it" column. my nexus s allows me to do the same thing and the only difference is it does not talk back to you. and speech reconition still sucks so this makes it more of a useless feature


Apr 17, 2008
I was thinking about getting an android phone but then I realized I wasn't in market for a tablet. It would be nice if I could get my phone my pocket.


Jun 20, 2011
Will we be able to change out the battery yet? I can do that with my phone. I have charging kit that has 2 batteries. Great for long flights over seas when you need fresh batteries.


Nov 6, 2009
[citation][nom]beam14526[/nom]Lol I dont understand why people like to bash apple products and stereotype the customer as stupid uneducated kids. I doubt they even own or played with an iPhone before. Buying an iPhone doesn't mean that the people who bought it is stupid or ignorant. Most people buy it because it just works. They want a phone that functions without having to troubleshoot their phones every time they install new apps and stuff.The main reason I bought an iPhone is because of the OS. I couldn't care less about the phones processor since it won't matter wether you had a dual core or single core processor on a phone since most apps on the phone is not that demanding. Additionally, the iPhone is easier to use than a Nokia or Samsung and is very user friendly. Why buy something that you have to waste 5 mins troubleshooting every time you change settings or install apps?? Buying an iPhone doesn't mean that Im too stupid to use a Nokia or Samsung phone, the time wasted on troubleshooting and setting up stuff could be better spent on other things. No offense but most people who bash apple products are people who can;t afford one or is just doing it to make themselves look smarter.[/citation]
Not exactly. While some people just hate Apple just to be haters I know Apple is innovative but it truly is down to the marketing. Apple could market socks to be worn on your hands instead of your feet and Apple loyalists would follow suit and brag that Apple was the inventor of the sock and it revolutionized how we wear our socks. Truth is, there are many many people who are not stupid and see through such hype. Don't get me wrong, Apple designs their own stuff and implement simplistic UIs "that just works" but they are extremely good at marketing. Can't tell you one person who goes around with their iPhone bragging that it "just works"...it is the typical "my phone is better than your phone". A simplistic UI can make a very big difference but a few UI changes doesn't warrant a $10 "upgrade" (remember that back in the early life of iPhone/iTouch???).

I do laugh however when I read titles that also go with the Apple marketing headlines, for instance, like Apple's "Most Amazing iPhone Yet" slogan cliche. Well, while I'm on it...and for shits and giggles...look at the 6 new features to iPhone iOS5; Apple's boasting of the 6 new features is straight out of the Android platform but yet Apple will sue Samsung for copying the rounded-square icons. I guess the cries of "Apple never copies"..."they are the leader and everyone else follows" can cease now huh? pfft! We'll see. Through marketing Apple always looks "the best".


Feb 5, 2009
[citation][nom]Dgriffs[/nom]I was thinking about getting an android phone but then I realized I wasn't in market for a tablet. It would be nice if I could get my phone my pocket.[/citation]Well then it's a good thing that Android phones are available in screen sizes from 3.0" to 4.6" so you can choose the right size for you pocket.
iPhone users must all have the same size pockets. iPants, lol.


May 17, 2011
This is interesting for those who want to upgrade from an older 3G, are getting their first smartphone, or want to go to Sprint for unlimited data.

Otherwise, no reason to upgrade, and it doesn't compel me to buy another iPhone when the time comes to upgrade (I currently use the 4). One thing Apple needs to make it interesting to me:

1) Put in a goddamn micro-SD slot instead of charing absurd mark-up for more memory.

And just FYI: no, I didn't buy an iPhone based on the hype, the logo on the back, ignorance about computers (I work in the industry, build my own desktops, troubleshoot friends' and family's stuff, etc.) and I'm nothing even resembling a hipster. I looked at the Android phones available at the time, then I looked at the iPhone, and I simply preferred the iPhone. It was even the same price as the top-tier Android phones of the time.

I only regret being stuck on AT&T and not being able to add more memory via a micro-SD slot. The first has been addressed, but the second is enough to make me look at other phone when the time comes to upgrade.


Jun 14, 2007
See mom.... I'm tired....
Went a read press write article headline like "I'll buy the iPhone 4S, and so should you"... I feel they cross the line.

It's not because you call it "3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to the iPhone 4S" that you COULD tell your opinion, like it's media FACT! COULD you should STOP THAT!!!! PLEASE!!!
"You should seriously think about your reader" (I answer that the same way to write your headline... funny. Now you can't delete my little comment except if you think your article should be deleted too.)

The world don't evolve around A* company... so !!Once Upon a time!!!.. it's ok to write about it.. but now I feel the same about every Apple article... they're all BORING, mixing author's opinion and news.

Now it's everyday a new headline about the A company...(average of 2 headlines by week.. just check "RELATED STORIES").

I won't buy one.. so stop pressure me. I hope Samsung will win against them and it's because the media coverage.

Next step, I build a filter to ban every website containing the A* word. It's not because it's Tom's, the filter will make any difference... Too bad for others good author of Tom's.

Thank trying to understand that the world don't evolve around the A* company and you should share headline others companies.


It's funny how the iphone hater alway refer those ower as ignorant, stupid, uneducated, kids. Well, I'm one of those uneducated stupid ignorant kid, and speaking of kid, both of my 5yr and 3yr old daughter's college education is already pay for thanks to Apple stupid, ugly, "insert yours here" i-family of products, I guess every other compnay have to come up with all these stupid, ugly product in order to have the biggest market Cap in the world. Thank you very much.
My list of stupid, ulgy, Apple i-family products.
ipod x3
ipod nano x2
iphone original x1 sold at ebay
iphone 3g x1 sold at ebay
iphone 4 x2(wife keep bugging, claiming she need it) getting ready to sell at ebay
iphone 4s x2 will be getting at release day for free, since my current iphone4 fetch for $350 each
iPad2 x4 hey have to start the 2 little one early, so they can grow up to be as uneducated as daddy
iMac 21" x1
iMac 24 x1

Platform - Android and iOS, and others, once you get into a particular one. You kinda get stuck in it. Imagine all your games, applications, gadgets, etc. I won't even consider losing all my toys and have to rebuilt that list in Android even if they have all those toys. and not to mention it compatible with my iPads. Why you think all these company are trying to come out with tablet ?? it's an eco-system that bring value to your existing product you already own.

Not going to mention about the new feature in iPhone 4s, I'm sure those ppl like to own on will read it themself, for those don't want one probably won't be interested if you tell them iPhone can make your coffee, cook your egg and pancake in the morning anyway.

My #1 one reason to upgrade from my current iPhone 4 to 4s ??
Free. I sell them for $350 each on ebay, get them for $299 from ATT. Why the hell NOT ??

For those that doesn't own an iPhone 4?? Well, I'm not here to convince anyone. I'm just here to share what a typical uneducated, ignorant, stupid kid story. Thank you.


Apr 6, 2009
Some of you people just like to hear yourself complain...even worse than people on automotive website message boards...

If you don't like Apple, don't buy an iPhone.
If you feel you get better value with another phone, don't buy an iPhone.

Don't like how Apple is always in the news? You shouldn't be - Apple is just really good at getting themselves in the news and has a fantastic marketing department. Whether you agree with what and how they advertise is another story, but they are damn good at getting their product out in the mainstream.

They have fully engineered the "aura" of their products and like it or not, that was a pretty saavy move...


Sep 16, 2010
I wont list my thoughts or reasons why you shouldn't but the new iPhone...

..instead I will point out how ironic and funny I find it that this site is the ONLY one out there that has an article with reasons to buy it. Everyone else today (CNN, Cnet, CNN Money, Bloomsburg, etc..) has their Tech sections all ablaze with "X reasons not to upgrade to 4S" articles...



Mar 13, 2006
Of those 3 'reasons' Siri is the only worthwhile one and even then I still am willing to put money on it not actually working very well in practice. I'm just not convinced that they've made a huge leap forward in this field when dozens of other companies have poured large amounts of time and money into the same thing. The voice recognition field is progressing, but not that quickly. I'm willing to believe that it is better than any other on the market, but not by a wide margin. I'd place a premium of maybe $20 on that feature.


Aug 20, 2010
This is an Apple Pro Article, unbelievable. Is well known for many of us that Apple products doesn't worth our respect either our money.
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