News 3 things to know before buying an Intel Core Ultra AI laptop

Feb 3, 2024
This is a very lazy commentary, everything mentioned is valid if you did not attend and thus do not understand which technology you are speaking to. I assure you none of the reasons you mentioned were reasons someone would buy an AI laptop. If you had attended you would have seen why someone would want an AI powered laptop. If you want to be one of the last people to have this technology then by all means continue to keep your head buried, I however will definitely be getting one because their use case is insanely epic and productivity driven among other things. This is definitely one of those technologies you want to early adopt. I encourage you to attend an event that discusses a new technology before writing an article on it. You mention how everyone groups everything under "AI" which is exactly what you did here. You made an assumption because you heard the term "AI" and thus assumed how it would be used and completely missed the target. Now you are giving your readers extremely unfortunate advice that they will obviously regret listening to especially if they are business focused or a developer. Cheers!