Jan 17, 2019
I'm looking into setting up a three TV man cave in my garage so that i can watch football, baseball, hockey and basketball games and free up the family tv. I have a few questions about this.

I'm planning on using streaming tv boxes for each television, don't want to get trapped in a contract by corrupt and greedy cable companies.

My first question is will my internet be able to handle streaming 3 different games on 3 different tv's at once? I have Xfinity internet.

my second question is there a way i can boost my Wi-fi signal? as my router is located in the living room, but the man cave will be in the garage

Also i'm thinking of going with a 65" inch tv in the middle and 43" tv either one on each side of the 65" or both 43" TV on the left side of the 65" one above the other...which would be better viewing wise? I personally think the 2 tvs on the left side one above the other looks my appealing than a tv on each side. But what provides better viewing?
A single stream of 1080 is about 10 mbit, so u do the math.

Home routers are limited to a certain transmitting power by law so there is only so much u can do. Test it, see what happens. Laying a cable is always the sure fire way to remove that variable.
How you arrange the TVs is purely a personal choice. I would want the big screen in the center myself so placing the other two on one side might look odd that way. It would also depend on how wide the wall was and if there were more than one seating position you need to accommodate.