3rd monitor not being detected


Oct 10, 2016
Hi All,

I am trying to connect TWO identical monitors to a single HP Envy laptop.

I have a wireless keyboard connected to the laptop too and planned to use the two monitors as the main displays with the laptop on the 'edge' running everything, but I would not be using the laptops own fold up screen to any extent whilst in my office.

I have connected one monitor via the HDMI port with an HDMI cable and Windows 10 'extended display', it is perfect and I love how you can switch between screens.

I know the second monitor cannot make use of an HDMI splitter as it simply mirrors the first monitor display, so I tried after reading forum posts elsewhere using a USB>VGA adapter to the second monitor.

However, the laptop does not detect the second monitor at all, but the adapter is brand new and I know it did detect it when I first plugged to into the USB as it installed the driver automatically.

I checked to see whether this setup was possible at an IT shop down the road and the guys there told me it would work as follows:

1) HDMI port to first monitor - this works fine

2) USB>HDMI adapter to second monitor - this is what does not work, laptop does not detect 2nd monitor

So then I tried...

USB>VGA adapter to second monitor - does not work, laptop does not detect 2nd monitor

I tried hooking up ONLY the second monitor using the USB>VGA adapter and for some reason it did not like that either, ie. it did not detect the monitor even though it was the only one plugged in.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Or, if this is even possible? Before I bought the USB>VGA adapter I saw several comments saying that it will allow connection of multiple monitors to your computer but cannot get it to worlk. I hate to think I wasted that money on these monitors and can use only one of them!

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.
Some have reported these not working until they got the latest drivers for them. You can also contact support for the device you bought to see if they can help you get it working.