5.1 Issues from PC to tv/stereo

Brad Robbins

May 22, 2014
So, I am recently jumping (back in I guess since I had some when I was a kid), vinyl game. But, as with most things I am doing it on a very constrained budget. I bought an older system on consignment for cheap. God direct drive Pioneer turntable, older mid 90s Pioneer receiver, supports 5.1, but only through an external decoder. Etc.

I want to run all my AV through the stereo, and to ditch my old soundbar, I found in my box o' stuff a toslink/optical to stereo converter. This let me run a stereo signal from the TV regardless of which HDMI input it was on through the amp. Worked perfectly.

Input sources are a PS4, a Windows 10 PC (1070 GPU), a pi, and a Roku 4. TV is a lower end 4k LG model.

I was recently gifted with a true modern Denon receiver, but it is old enough to not pass 4k.
My idea was to connect the Denon via the TOSLINK/optical. This works, sort of.
The main problem is that Windows (and maybe the other devices) see the TV as a stereo device, I am guessing the read the EDID, so I only get stereo through the receiver. I would like to eventually get at least 5.1.

I know that the optical can support Dolby DTS, (but not stuff like True HD), so I should be able to get something if I can force windows (and other devices) to see the TV as a 5.1 device, and the TV passes the 5.1 encoded stream along.

My main goal is to have 4k video, and surround sound from all my sources that can push 4k. Does anyone know if there is a way to force this? Or, do I have to bite the bullet and save for a 4k capable receiver?

I know I could run analog 5.1 from the PC, however that does not help with other sources, and also the PC is on the other side of a wall at my desk. For living room use I have an HDMI and a USB 3 cable running under the house so I can attach a hub and whatever else I want.



I have a very similar setup, Visio 4k tv with PC / Xbox / Roku / Steam link as HDMI inputs. TV Optical out to my Onkyo TX-SR304 (probably similar to your Denon) with "Direct" input mode. No problem decoding 5.1 from any source.

And yes, my pc also says stereo in the audio output properties, just ignore it works just fine when the source is encoded in surround - no worries.

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