5+1 New Logitech speakers not working properly (Rear problem)


Apr 18, 2014
I just bought 5+1 logitech speakers for my pc.


I made all connections to the subwoofer and to the pc

There are three cables come into my pc green,orange and black all plugged in into my onboard sound card.

But I cannot make the rear speakers work no matter what I did.On speakers tests with windows and realtek sound manager left,right,center and subwoofer are working perfectly fine but no sound during tests from rears.

Here is the full list of the things I have tried before writing here:

-Double check every connection on both subwoofer and sound card all OK

-Use windows sound utility and test the 5+1 everything works unless the rears.

-Update drivers still same.

-Downloaded and played surround audio files every speaker works fine except the rears.

-Plug in diffrent speakers onto my subwoofer rear out ports to see if the speakers are damaged still no sound.

-Use Realtek HD Audio Manager and test again still left,right,center and subwoofer working but both rears are not.

So after all these I end up with these conclusions I guess my problem is one of them.

1.I have a faulty sound card.

2.The subwoofer has some faulty parts in it so rears are not working.

Oh by the way the Realtek HD sound manager warns me when I plug the rear cable (the black one) so I dont know its working but surely sound manager can see something plugged in it also some times I can hear a very low sound when I test the left rear speaker a really low one but for the right complete silence.

Any ideas folks ?



have you tried plugging in the green [front speaker] jack into your motherboard's black [rear speaker] jack? if you do, when you play 5.1 on the pc [test tones] you should get some noise out the front. if you do not then try plugging in the black [rear speaker] jack on your speakers to the green [front speaker] jack on your motherboard and set it to 2.1 and play test tones. you should get sound out the rear speakers on your system.

if you can get sound out through the rear speakers on your speakers, you have verified that its not a speaker issue and its a driver or soundcard issue.

what warning do you receive? specifically.

some motherboard onboard audio allows you to change which jacks output what sound. sometimes they share ports for different tasks as well [such as combined mic input with one of the 5.1 channels]. check that in your sound properties [realtek] that things look correct.

it sounds like it might be an issue with your drivers or soundcard.


Apr 18, 2014
I did what you said.

I have plugged the green cable to the black input and black cable to the green input on my sound card.

When I run the test this is the outcome.

Sub and center working just fine. When I test the rear speakers it works well when I click the rear left and rear right speaker icons for the test the sound comes from the speakers standing on my left and right But when I clicked the icon to test the left and right speakers there is no sound at all.In this case the sound should come from the both rear speakers but nothing just silence. I have done this test in stereo,2+1 and 5+1 settings still same outcome.

Also I have made a test with a surround sound file and there was no sound coming from the rear speakers again but the sound was coming from the left and right.

At this point I was sure that my new speaker system has some faulty parts but I wanted to learn what is exaclty causing the problem so I did one last test.

I put out my old 2+1 creative subwoofer from the box and connected it to my pc.But this time I have used those silent rear speakers as the left and right then I run a 2+1 test and VOILA the sound come clearly.

At this point I was sure that my new 5+1 speaker systems subwoofer was faulty but then this idea come to my mind "What if the black cable that I am using all the time is faulty ?" So I have used the green cable for the black jack and run another test this time rears worked with the new subwoofer perfectly.

Its such a silly situation I mean speakers are fine and the sub is fine but that stupid new black cable which come with the new 5+1 system is faulty.Now I have plugged anothe cable insted of it and my new 5+1 system working perfectly.

But I am thinking that rather I sould send the whole package back or just continue using my new system with a diffrent cable which solved all my problems.

Also isnt this silly I mean not everyone has capacity to try all these diffrent things so how come a firm like logitech will send me a product with a faulty cable in it its such a shame.

Anyway thanks for the post above it didnt solved my problem at first place but gave me new ideas to try and in the end I reached the solution.

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