5.1 to tv/sound bar from pc/chromecast??

Mar 9, 2018
hi, i have a LG tv (55uj77) and samsung sound bar (ms650) with the related wireless sub and wireless rear speakers. I'm trying to get surround sound to actually output through them from my computer (gaming desktop, HDMI out from gtx1070) and from my chromecast ultra.

The tv won't seem to pass surround sound through, only stereo (pc only sees it as capable of stereo even). Chromecast only pushes stereo also.

Bought one of these HDMI switchers https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077J87HVV
Thinking that would solve the problem. Nope.

I've tried hooking soundbar up to the optical out (on tv first, now on the hdmi switch) and that doesn't seem to change anything. Tried running soundbar on the HDMI out from the switch (it passes through to the TV), but still same problem.

The hdmi switch has an EDID changer, so i've got that set to 5.1, with this the computer sees the tv (in playback devices) as having 5.1 option (configure settings). But when testing the sound through it i just get left and right, nothing surround, no center, no LFE.

Chromecast same deal really, play a surround sound test on youtube and don't get separation, rears just copy the front. And yea i've made sure soundbar is in "surround" mode. tried everything with it on and off, no difference.

I'm trying to avoid a several hundred dollar receiver (if that would even work) as A) many don't pass audio down HDMI and B) i don't have any need of all the speaker wire outs since...soundbar...

All my cables are HDMI2.0 compliant, one might not be but that's running from soundbar to TV on the ARC port so it shouldn't even matter (but i'm gonna swap it out tonight to be sure after i pick one up at best buy).

Thoughts? ideas? something i'm missing? help is appreciated as i don't understand why this isn't working.


Question from joseph.agnew : "how to get 5.1 sound and video from PC to soundbar and TV??"

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