5 Ways 5G Will Change Your Life


Nov 29, 2013
I'm smelling a load of bull.

we can't even get wifi to work reliably indoors with fairly ideal conditions, how are you expecting glorified satellite internet to replace fiber?

furthermore, you can't even get a phone plan that doesn't throttle you after a handful of gigabytes, are we really going to get reliable home internet at a reasonable price?

think of how much you pay for 10gb of data on your phone, and how quickly that goes when watching youtube or browsing imgur or instagram.

5G is just paving the way for ISP's to make us pay twice for services they don't own. sure, you can get unlimited youtube streaming if you pay us an additional $20 a month on top of your bill.
Netflix? We love those guys! that'll be $20 for the privilege of paying them to watch their shows.

wireless has never been the answer. we just need to hold our ISP's accountable and stop letting investor margins subvert the product that's supposed to be provided.