6 ways Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus beats Galaxy S24 Ultra

Mar 1, 2024
I have been a huge Samsung fan forever with an exception of 2 years when LG had me. I still use one of them and I will explain why in a moment. I have had an iPhone for work and loathe them. However, Samsungs Galaxy 21 plus was a little disappointing as far as some glitches I had to endure. I skipped the 22 and then bought a 23 Plus. I have had SO many issues with the 23 plus that I have had to use my older LG ThinQ when it has bricked on me. Keep in mind that I am not doing tricks with my phone and for it to brick within a few months of purchase, I was irritated. Then just as fast as it bricked, letti g it sit in the trash for 2 days must have triggered something because be4 i threw it out, I tried to turn it on one last time and it worked. However, 2 months later, it start rd glitching again. Freezing on me and I had to piwer off nearly once a day. This has gone on for the last few months but now it seems to be just once a week. The camera is not consistent with the quality it takes, so my LG is always with me just in case. As much as I loathe Apple, I may switch to the iPhone soon because the Galaxy is too expensive and not all that amazing for my taste to justify needing tk reboot the phone all of the time. Especially when it is brand new. I dont know what happened to Samsung. Maybe they got an ego because of their market share. Well, trust, they will lose it aoon because I know i am not the only one with this issue. U were warned but if it does happen, take it in IMMEDIATELY. Save ur sales receipt and another issue... charger will stop working also. Just know that also. Samsung, fix ur stuff becuz I really dont wanna go to iPhone and LG isnt an option anylonger. Pixel 8 Pro may be for me but i may just sit this out for a few months longer and continue carrying my LG for when my galaxy plus bricks again. I know it will.