News 7 best smart home gadgets of CES 2024


Aug 21, 2018
As I wrote in a comment on the original review article for the LG combo washer/dryer, as a wheelchair user this type of device is really important to me. I’ve had several.

The LG models, including this one, don’t have a regular lint filter. Instead, you have to clean the drain pump filter down at the very bottom of the machine Every 3 to 4 weeks or the machine will stop mid cycle until you do clean it. Which is a messy and awkward job.

in contrast, the GE profile ultrafast washer/dryer combo has a regular lint filter up at the top, like you’d be used to from a regular dryer. It works very well. You just clean out the dry fuzz every load or two, and the machine reminds you if you haven’t done it.

The GE also has a “smart dispense” feature where you can fill a reserve tank with about 30 loads worth of regular liquid detergent and it will automatically dispense it based on the weight of the clothes in each load. No more plastic pods or strips. So that’s a money saver as well as being easier. And you don’t have to try to remember whether you already put the detergent in for the load.

The GE has an app which has very similar features to the LG app. They don’t call it “AI“ but it’s a pretty smart device. You can find lots of YouTube reviews of it.

I previously had two different LG combo models before switching to the GE profile last year, and I think the GE is at the top of this device class just for the lint filter design. I don’t know how they did it, but they did, and it works well.