7 Ways Lenovo's Smart Display Beats Echo Show (And 3 Ways It Doesn't)


May 2, 2016
The juxtapositioning that these reviewers do to "prove" the Google Smart Display is better than the Echo Show never ceases to amaze me. I own both and prefer the promise of the Google Smart Display but while the GSD is better looking, has the superior Google Assistant, is useful for recipes, allows for on-screen interaction to control devices, acts as a Chromecast and can play YouTube videos, it comes up short in these respects:
- The Echo Show is louder than the Lenovo Smart Display. The ugly JBL unit promises to change that and I'm hopeful that Sony and Google will offer better.
- The GSD does not display lyrics of music.
- The GSD cannot join a group.
- The GSD cannot receive calls like the Echo system with the Connect device.
- In the Ambient Photos mode it is not possible to view a slideshow of photo from this date in history.
- GSD's will not display an all day event from your calendar.
- Local news is much more limited than the Echo's offerings.
- The GSD has no Echo-type "drop in" feature.

Google may have legitimate reasons for not implementing these abilities or may simply be late to the game. In our family, we have come to view the Google Smart Display as more of an entertainment device and the Echo Show as a more practical device.


Aug 22, 2018
Oooh that's a very detailed comparison! When you mention GSD are you referring to the LSD? It will be good to have some of these features onboard the LSD and I'm sure Lenovo would definitely update it in the time to come. I've been using my LSD as a control hub for my smart home and also setting multiple routines which are quite functional too. Perhaps, it depends on the type of things people actually get their smart displays for? For me its both entertaining and functional!