7 ways Meta Quest 3 beats Apple Vision Pro


Feb 26, 2020
The Meta Quest 3 isn't as advanced as the Apple Vision Pro but it beats Apple's spatial reality headset in several ways for less money.

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You can get prescription lenses from a bunch of places for the quest for around $50. There's also more options than Apple with stuff like blue blockers.
Also, for movies, you can get Netflix on meta, not even an apple option.
You can go corded to windows as well for all the games available there. MacOS is a serious fail here; a huge negative. You can also get the steam vr and xbox app on meta. No idea how Apple plans to catch up, especially with no controllers. It's going to be a non starter for gaming for a long time if ever based on how MacOS has been going for the last 40 years. Lol
Feb 4, 2024
Nice article but there are a couple errors:
First, both the Quest 3 and 2 offer lenses. In fact, you can buy prescription lenses directly from meta.com when ordering a quest device.

Second, the Immersed app on quest offers a feature-rich remote desktop experience including adding 5-10 virtual screens, viewing your keyboard and mouse while in VR, joining zoom calls via a virtual webcam and more. It far exceeds apple vision pro's experience.