83% Available plugged in, not charging, shutdown immediately when unplugged


Jan 9, 2017
Hey guys, I really need some help here and I appreciate it very much if you can give me some advice or solution about this problem before it really needs to go to the service center

I have a Notebook ASUS X550Z AMD FX with unremovable battery , recently I got a problem that I can't turn it on unless if I plugged it in and my battery icon shows "83% Available plugged in, not charging". And the worse part is when I unplugged the charger it shutdown immediately ... I already tried uninstall the Microsoft ACP, turn on the switch for 30 secs, updating the battery driver, but it could't fix the problem. I really doubt about recalibrating the battery because I'm afraid I do not have skill to do it .. Have read many threads about this similar problem but nothing changes..

I'm so grateful if you guys can give me some advices or solution for this problem .. thank you
All battery related questions, please the first thing to know, tell us is, HOW WORN IS THIS BATTERY?

Once a battery is worn, all readings are suspect. You need to know how many charge cycle your battery is good for. The same way you should know how old your car's oil is and when to replace.

4+ years old laptop, battery is probably no good.


Jan 9, 2017

Well that's my last solution, but thanks anyway


Jun 4, 2017
Hi Echofrost,

Did you find the solution? I have the same thing with my ROG GL752VW
The battery says 68%, loading, and after a while the battery indicator flashes
Unplugging shuts the power down in a blink
If I plug in the charger without starting the laptop, the battery indicator gives first orange (charging) and after about 30 minutes it starts to blink.
Starting without charger plugged in, does not work, Removing drivers, does not work.
Holding the power button for 20 seconds, does not work
putting a new battery does not work.

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