News 9 things you should never put in an air fryer

Jan 30, 2022
I agree about all of these except cheese obviously. There are a lot of good recipes with cheese for the air fryer. I usually air fry the bread on one side (2 min at 370 for ciabatta) then flip, add fresh mozzarella and salt, then again 4 min at 370. Both the cheese and bread come out amazing.
1) Have to agree with the above about cheese. IMO, the air fryer is perfect for grilled cheese and quesadillas. However, any cheese that isn't covered (just trying to get a top melt for instance) should be avoided.

2) Who would ever think of trying to cook raw rice in an air fryer?

3) Depending on your air fryer, (I have the original NuWave) place a bowl of water at the bottom and heat it up. This sets up a steamy bath for cooking any vegetable (you'll want to use a lower power level).

4) While I wouldn't recommend just a wet batter (and certainly not a dripping one), if you apply a coating of panko to the wet batter, you'll be fine.

5) Again, this depends on your air fryer. Truth be told, I've never done a full sized bird in mine, but it's large enough. Since I'm generally cooking for one, I stick with cornish game hens.

6) If you're using frozen patties or are looking for a quick (and cheaper) take-out alternative, the air fryer is fine. If you're making your own patties, then I'd stick to the grill.

7) Same as rice. Why would you even consider this? A little oil in a 3qt pot is all you need.

8) Once you have your items seasoned, spritz them with a bit of olive oil to keep the seasoning in place. Aerosol sprays are not recommended here.

9) If you REALLY want to char some vegetables in an air fryer, then a couple well placed toothpicks will hold them in place.

I've owned and used my original NuWave air fryer for almost 15 years and while some things on this list are correct (if a bit silly to even suggest), everything else is perfectly doable with a little ingenuity and know-how.

-Wolf sends