A miracle happened but there is a catch


Jan 19, 2012
Hi, a year ago a friend of mine spilled liquor on my white 13" macbook (early 2008) and of course it stopped working. It didn't turn on anymore. A few day ago my father who is a computer expert tells me to give the mac to him so he can check it. Before doing anything, he plugs it and presses the power button. It turn on! I install Mac OS X 10.6 and everything works, the airport, the webcam, the battery is dead, and even the keyboard and the trackpad work. There were some problem with the memory but i changed slots a few times and it worked. The catch is that, while at first it wouldn't turn on, now it won't turn off!!! If i click on shutdown, standby or reboot it will just reboot. Even if i press the power button once, in safe mode, booting from dvd. I also reinstalled it on 2 different hard drives, and one is an ssd. I tried every solution found on the internet and nothing worked. So i guess it must be coused by the liquid on the motherboard. Because some of it is there, dry. Now we will try to use a special liquid to clean it, which name in english i don't know. Do you have any other solution?


Jan 5, 2012
case in point - always let liquid dry DAYS (if not a week) before trying to turn an electronic device back on

glad it's working for you!