A portable Xbox could be coming — here’s how Microsoft could set it apart from other handheld gaming PCs

Aug 16, 2023
What are you talking about, dual boot? If it's a console it will run just like an Xbox. There's no dual boot. You play Xbox games on Xbox not PC games. I swear sometimes I wish you guys were able to think like a console maker instead of a PC enthusiast. Dual boot... Lol
Feb 18, 2024
The possibility of Microsoft offering a Xbox handheld is intriguing an Xbox series go? Looking at from an alternative angle the main issue windows has as an hand held os is the interface, windows 8 was probably the best incarnation of a hand held in interface with metro. Now if MS unified the Xbox OS's so it felt the same at home as it does on the move it's a winner. Console interfaces work with a pad regardless where the screen is located so that's a tick. Now when it comes to hardware, MS has the jump here as well, since the next gen consoles for MS have two variants the S and X. The duration of play on handhelds is a trade between battery, weight and processing power of handhelds, however as MS has stipulated games for Xbox must be both S and X a compatible handheld based on the equivalent of the S, games are a tick as well. I'll hold of on a steam deck if this is a actual thing.


Apr 26, 2021
This is definitely a highly requested device and would compliment Gamepass very well considering it'll be made by Xbox. Taking us to the beginning of the article though anyone who thought it was the end of Xbox needs therapy.