A very specific laptop recomendation request


Nov 6, 2012
1) matte screen (is gorilla glass still synonym with mirror?)
2) at least 4Gb ram (better if i can upgrade)
3) regular video out (either VGA or full size HDMI. nothing of those display-port jokes)
4) at least one USB3
5) at least 2 total usb ports (3-4 ideally)
6) 3rd gen i5 or i3
7) under 14"
8) under 2Kg / 4lbs
9) multi touch touchpad (ideally clit mouse like thinkpads)
10) page/up/home/end down keys that can be pressed with one hand [*1]
11) insert key
12) either backlit keyboard or top light for the keys
13) any webcam
14) storage, i don't care about ssd or HD as long as i can put my ssd there.
15) more than 2h of real world battery life

and finally
15) that i can install a modern linux with little trouble?
ok, you can ignore Linux on the recommendations... if i can get the rest i will be already glad that such machine exists

[*1] unlike eeepcs that have them on the arrow keys at the right and the function key to activate it on the left


Nov 6, 2012
i'm temped to go with the S200e from asus. (a.k.a x202e)

It fails:
#1, #10, #12
and sucks at
#2 (soldered ram - single channel 4G) and
#14 hd is easy to access, buyt it only takes 7mm drives and both SSDs i have lying around are 9mm
and almost fail #15, as the battery barely get to 2h on all reviews.

Also, it seems to be the only model i could find linux install experiences (not that they are any good so far)

upside, it's around $500, and show up on deals for $400 from time to time. I really wanted something more high end, but i think that's the only one i can buy with a minimum of confidence. As in I could see one at a store. I'd like to check the lenovo X1, but i loved my T410 from work and some time ago got an E serie from lenovo online. the pics looked like the t410, when it arrived it looked/performed/felt like a $10 toy. and they wouldn't accept it back without some ridiculous 30% fee. sold it on craigslist for 20% loss...

anyway, back on track :) I will probably wait one week to see if i can find something better or one of the $400 deals on this. if not i will just buy it.