Acer 5742 screen was working before took it apart


May 26, 2015
I have an acer 5742 laptop that was stepped on since it was on the living room floor and someone stepped off the couch right in the middle of the laptop(stupid I know). Then the laptop wouldn't boot into windows so I though the motherboard was cracked and I took it apart and had a look and apart from the keyboard being warped everything looked ok. So I pulled the hard drive and connected it to my desktop and I am not able to access it, it keeps spinning and spinning so I then I though oh maybe only the hard drive is bad. So when I tried to boot the laptop without the hdd, the back light on the lcd came on but no signal. I connected the video out to an external monitor and I have signal on the monitor. So I grabbed a spare hard drive and performed a windows install and the laptop seems to work fine. Now I had a look at the connections of the lcd screen and everything looks good. The only thing is that a few screws holes cracked on the right hand hinge when I took it apart but it still tilts fine. I am assuming it must be something fairly simple since I am sure I seen the windows logo on the screen before I took it apart. There is a big connector going to the motherboard from the lcd screen and I assume this is signal and power at the same time? It's connected fine, I even unplugged it and plugged back in but no difference. I looked at the other wires and it seems like there is just a cable for the wifi antenna, a cable for the mic, and another small red cable maybe for the camera? I am not sure what to try, any suggestions?
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