Acer aspire 5110 stuck, help


Apr 30, 2016
I have no idea what to do about this, I have a very old acer aspire 5110 running Windows xp, I purchased it used and it was running extremely slow so I went on the acer site and it told me to do a system restore, well I did that now there is a password on it for an account that isn't mine and I can't even get on the computer whatsoever. I just wanted to do a factory reset. I tried to do F10 and alt at the starting boot, but all it does is make a beeping noise then go to the Windows startup page where it gives me a choice of going on safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with commands and regular windows etc. Now that I restored it, I can't even get on it since it has the previous owners password on it and I can't factory reset it. Does anyone have any way to help fix this or is it junk that I should sell for parts now?