Acer aspire 5560 , Ram support


Aug 29, 2017
Hi guys, I need your valuable support for - Model no. Acer aspire 5560, AMD A6- 3420M.

Here is the direct link for better reference , technical details.

It has 4GB DDR3 RAM installed. Expandable to 8GB.

1st Please tell how to know if it has dual slots RAM or single ?

2nd - And , if it has dual slots, then how do I know currently does it has 2 RAMs of 2GB each or 1 RAM of 4 GB?

3rd- I want to upgrade my RAM to 8GB. So which are the compatible RAMs for this laptop?

Many thanks in advance. I m new here so I hope posting link wont be an issue. My intention is only to share technical specs.

Disclosure- I am not promoting any laptop or website. Nor I m into BORING affiliate marketing.