Acer Aspire 5732Z dropped yesterday, should I worry?


Aug 17, 2017

Yesterday at 4:00AM when I turned off my laptop completely and closed the screen, I stood up to put off the charger wire and my leg took the charger wire and the laptop with it and dropped on the ground. The laptop is Acer Aspire 5732Z.

Now today I turned on the laptop for a full check, here is what I checked:

  • ■There's some scratches on the back of the laptop.
    ■All the lamps are functional.
    ■All the jacks are fine, didn't test the external monitor.
    ■The CD-ROM is fine.
    ■The camera and the sound is fine.
    ■Turning on the laptop is with the same speed and fine.
    ■I shaked the laptop fine and there's nothing broken inside.

Now I am running a HDD disk check and here is the current progress of HD Tune Pro 5.70

About the screen: There's no cracks, scratches or any broken hole.

Should I worry?