Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop screen not working


Dec 6, 2011
I switch on my laptop after a few months and for some reason my screen did not work on my Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop


Mar 5, 2012
Hey 57year,

Can you describe the symptoms that led to the screen not working?

If you can hear the laptop fan come on when you boot the machine... then you can try a few things.
If you have a lcd monitor to test:
A) Attach laptop to LCD monitor using a VGA cable.
B) Attach laptop to LCD monitor using a DVI cable.

If both A and B work, then it suggests:
1) Your LCD monitor is broken in some way...
1.1) ie the LCD laptop monitor is broken. Probably requires replacement.
1.2) ie one of the cables/or motherboard components to the laptop LCD monitor is broken

If only A) works, but B) doesn't (or vice versa)
2) Your laptop model uses a dedicated graphics card. For some reason this may have become damaged. This is not an easy fix at all. Most would say to just get a new laptop. A realistic fix would be to replace motherboard (but this also includes replacing the GPU and other components... which is an expensive fix... upwards to hundreds of dollars).

A possible fix for a bad graphics card is the heat gun fix..... You should read up more about this and similar fixes for graphics card failures.

If both A and B don't work at all.... it could be a number of problems.
3) it could be your hard drive.
4) it could be a bad motherboard.
or it could be any of the previous problems listed in 1 or 2.

I'll say though... because your laptop runs a dedicated graphics card... it was very common for these to fail. It happened to my friends same exact model laptop. This is in part due to that the CPU in your laptop runs VERY hot. Both the CPU and GPU share the same heatsink/fan... and because of this.. the heat from the CPU may carry over to the GPU (and vice versa). I could be wrong on this, but visually it looks to be true if you were to take apart your laptop.

Well, good luck.

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