Acer Iconia 6120


Dec 8, 2007
I've recently become disgusted with having an unused integrated keyboard on my laptop as well as the huge size of the laptop (17", and very thick!)

I want something less giant (so I can put it in my motorcycle saddlebags) and the Iconia 6120 caught my eye. It will fit in my saddle bag, and it has two screens. I plan to run linux so this question is two part:

1) Does anyone have experience with linux on the Iconia 6120? I've read reports that both screens are supported. I don't care about the touchscreen much, but it would be nice if it worked.

2) Does anyone know if the "SATA" hard drive is SATA, not SATA II? I would have assumed it was SATA II, but maybe not. I have a SSD that I will put in if it would help boot speeds. If it's going to be bottlenecked too much by the slow bus, then maybe not?

TH is #1! Thanks!