Acer Laptop- No bootable device found

Feb 12, 2018
My laptop gives me the 'No bootable device found' along with an icon but if I reboot it again it works fine. I read other threads where a suggestion was made to change the BIOS to legacy. I did that and it gave me the same error except it was slightly different. No bootable device found, press any key, check your cable connection etc. So I changed the BIOS back and was able to get it to boot up after trying twice. Any suggestions as to why it fails the first time but when I do it again it works? Thanks for your help!
Apr 1, 2018
I had the same problem with a new Hard drive and clean OS install in my Acer 4630z. The only thing I could figure is while the computer is doing the "POST" test the hard drive did not have enough time to power up before the test was completed. I upgraded my BIOS firmware 1 upgrade version at a time ( legacy being considered the first version). The third version worked just fine.
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