Question Acidentally Uninstalled NVIDIA Graphics Driver

Apr 18, 2020
So, this happened a day ago, when NVIDIA, had a GRD ( Game Ready Driver ) Update, i opened GeForce Experience and it started downloading the 500mb file that was the update, when it finished i went ahead and did an express installation of the update and waited only to be greeted with a "Cannot Install or something." Ok, now i was a bit frustarated so i tried again, the same message popped up. ( I tried all possible solutions i think. ) And i tried to download the update from the nvidias website same message same problem, now the STUPID think i did, was when you click on custom package on GeForce Experience, it will say to you if you want to clean all other installations ( which mean your old GRD Driver will delete and install the new one )
I did that and boom, same problem, BUT i had another problem because i did that. IT COMPLETELY UNINSTALLED MY GRAPHICS CARD DRIVER!! So.. now, i can't install my Graphics Driver back, and because i deleted my old one, i can't play any games. And when i go to the device manager it doesn't show me Display Adapters tab, since i uninstalled mine.

Please help!

Specs :

CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor

GPU : ( That i don't have installed now ) : GeForce GTX 1650

PSU : I don't know.

If you know how i can get my drivers back and fix the problem that i can't install the newest ones, please PLEASE help me. It would mean a lot to me if you helped! <3
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