Active sub to home theater reciever

Jul 15, 2018
Hello all I'm starting to buy equipment for the theater room I have denon AVRX4400H the question is I have this sub my cousin gave me it's active subwoofer I tried connecting it to the receiver seems like it was not responding to to the media I think im doing something wrong or missing a piece of equipment to get it to work I will post the model of the sub.

Alto Professional Truesonic SUB15 | 15" Active Subwoofer (1200W Peak / 600W Continuous / Class D Power)
Usually you just need to configure it correctly so it will use the sub, so make sure you have it connected it properly - double-check the speaker connections (where sub is connected to the 1st sub output connection), and setup to "1spkr" in the speaker setup and other speaker size are set to "small" so it will redirect to the sub.