Solved! Connecting Acitve Studio Monitor to Home Theater Sub

Sep 10, 2019

I got a big question becasue it s hard to find any answears to it.

I planing to buy active subwoofer for my Genelec 8020 2.0 speakers and with audio interface. My connection is the usual crossover, Audio interface to Sub, Sub to Monitor Speakers.

I got 2 options , wich one is better : What do i lose in sound if i use unblanced rca ? Crossover will be worst in option 1 ? Does studio subwoofer sound better with studio monitors?

1. Home Theater Active Sub ( Canton 8)
great sub, and i can get good price in used condition.
Connect with RCA unbalanced audi cable.
2. Active Studio Sub : JBL LSR310 or KRK 10s
more expensive.
connect with TRS/XLR balance audio cable.

Please help cause i read so many forums, but cant decide...
Sep 10, 2019
I see!
Does studio subwoofer sound better with studio monitors or it sound the same with a same price home theater (rca in output) SUB ?


I see!
Does studio subwoofer sound better with studio monitors or it sound the same with a same price home theater (rca in output) SUB ?
No way to tell what sounds better without specific models you are looking at and how the room is setup, how speakers are placed, how you like the sound, etc... All you can do is try it and see what you like going by reviews of other listeners. You can mess up nice speakers with poor placement and make OK speakers sound better with simply moving things around the room.
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