Question Single RCA Input Powered Subwoofer to bookshelf speakers?


Oct 12, 2017
Hi i've gone ahead and bought these speakers,

Edifier R1700BTS

I've found an old subwoofer, the Pioneer S-HS50, it's a powered 100w sub, only has one audio input (rca), phase 0, 180 & volume knob

Was thinking of hooking it up to my r1700bts's as they are much better with a proper subwoofer

Now i'm wondering how to accomplish this, i've seen people talking about Y splitters, but will that work?

The pioneer sub is from a 5.1 channel speaker setup, there's no manual online or any specs that i could find about it.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get this functional?

Also the subwoofer dosen't have a crossover knob, will that be an issue?