active sub wont turn on


Jul 29, 2017
so i managed to get my hands on a very decent active sub from my dads friend when they were moving, only prob is it doesn't "always" turn on, sometimes it turn on, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes its really hard to turn on, the red light has a very fade glow and eventually activates, i feel as thought when i completely turn it off and unplug it and leave it for a while its easier to get going again, its very upsetting as for someone with little spare money to chuck at an expensive sub i would love to get this one working properly

The audio sensing circuit in the sub electronics is the problem. The manufacturer (or a tech) would be able to repair it.
Some subs have a switch that allows the sub to be always on. If yours does then do that.
The power draw with no input is pretty much the same as in standby.