Adding a wireless speaker to wired system for outdoor use...

Jun 24, 2018
Hello. I value this community for the expertise and support. I have searched the forum and could not locate the answer to this question. I have a wired home system. A 7.1 Yamaha receiver with wired speakers feeding the home. I would like to use my JBL Bluetooth speaker outside as an extension of what is playing indoors. Essentially, adding this JBL as another speaker. Is this possible? Is there a Bluetooth connector which would integrate / plug in to the receive with speaker wire rather than a RCA which would take over an entire function on the receiver (tape or CD).

Thank you for your direction.
CHeck your receiver for "Monitor out" audio output, sometimes labeled as "tape out". It could also have "Zone 2" non-powered output. In all these cases, a Bluetooth transmitter paired with your JBL would work.

If not - there are line-level adapters (a device plugged into speaker wire terminal on the receiver) which could be used to feed that BT transmitter.
Jul 6, 2018

I am having the same problem. The audio outs on the receiver have no volume control, same for audio outs on the tv. I'm trying to avoid using the headphone jack because I want inside and outside music at the same time.
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