Adding SSD to MSI GE-70

Mike Blutstein

Dec 2, 2013
Hi guys! I just purchased the MSI GE-70 gaming computer from Tigerdirect on a Cybermonday sale.

This is the model:

I noticed this computer did not come with a SSD as I would have hoped. I am curious, is there any simple way for me to add an SSD to the laptop, or would this be impossible. I would prefer not to void my warranty, but if there is a special type of SSD that would maybe fit into the small port in the computer, that would be cool.

Also, I am curious what wifi card comes in the computer. I would like to be able to utilize my full FIOS download speed (100 Mbps) and my current computer had a garbage wifi card so it could not. Should I have upgraded my wifi card or will that one suffice? Thank you friends!!!


Dec 1, 2007
The GE70 20E has a regular 2.5 inch slot for the 7200 RPM regular hard drive. It should have 1 or 2 mSATA slots for SSDs that are made for mSATA specification. In other words, you cannot purchase a regular 2.5 inch SSD because the regular HHD is already taking up that slot. You will need to purchase an SSD that is designated mSATA. Newegg has a Mushkin 120GB one for sale for $79 right now.

As for trying not to void the warranty, I am getting my laptop in a few days and will try it myself. I might have to try putting shipping tape on one end to hold the warranty sticker in one piece. Although, I have heard that MSI allows you to upgrade as long as you don't mess with other components. Check with MSI on that. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

mSATA is used for caching so that your OS loads up faster and apps are faster. However, I'm going to install a fresh copy of Windows on my mSATA drive just because I can, which will make the "cache" SSD into a regular SSD of sort. Some peeps use 3rd party apps to clone the drive, but a fresh install is always best.
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