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  1. S

    Camera wont show photos from SD card, but computer will.. help please?????

    I have a GE X500 16.0 mega pixel camera. I finally decided to put the SD from it into my computer, I renamed the folder and then put the SD card back into my camera. But when I turned on the camera it took me to Set Date, so I set the date and went to look at the photos and it said No Pictures...
  2. C

    when i turn on my asus sonicmaster laptop it goes right to enter password and i dont remember it how do i get pass that and ge

    when i power it on it goes directly to enter password my brother was using it and he went away for a while and i don't no the password to get in to reset it . Can someone help me please ?
  3. R

    Sony BD RMT-VB100U

    The player suddenly won't turn off, disk is stuck inside. I've unplugged for for hours, held down the eject button, tried to gently pull open the disc while pressing eject...nothing. How do I open it? Turn it off? reboot it? update the thing if it won't open to the screen to check it??
  4. J

    Help me decide on my gaming laptop

    Hi, I want buy a msi gaming laptop, but I can’t decide between msi GP or GE. MSI GP73 8RE Leopard vs MSI GE73VR 7RF GP : GE : Cost: GP cost 1699$ GE cost 1599$
  5. L

    i5-3210m Stuck on 2.9 Ghz

    Im using MSI GE-60 OND laptop. I have a problem with my cpu. As you guys can see. This cpu can work on 3.10 GHz but mine is not getting there. Its workin 2.9 GHz even with %100 cpu usage. I...
  6. B

    Look for instructions on hooking GE wireless camera model 45256T without receiver

    I have GE wireless camera model number 45256T but I don't have any instructions with it how can I use without the monitor or receiver
  7. K

    How do i connect my old GE tv and blue ray up with a converter box

    How do i connect my GE tv and blue ray up using a converter box ...plz help
  8. C

    How can I activate my menu button on my ge universal remote

    How can I activate the menu button on my ge universal remote
  9. L

    My husband has a Lenovo Model 8056 and it is not a touchscreen. He's lost the cursor and we can't seem to figure out how to ge

    Lenovo 8056 - not a touchscreen. Lost the cursor and can't get it back. Help?
  10. M

    Hiiiii anyone can help me

    please answer me Can I Play GTA 5 on my hp Laptop With Intel i5 and nvidia ge force 850 with 4 gb ram and about 300 hdd free i have 4 procesors 2.6 ghz
  11. U

    Best Headset for 100 USD and under

    So I'm looking to get a new headset for pc and am stuck on which is the best for the price range. I need something that is durable (I know some of the cheaper headsets are made of low quality plastic) as well as comfort. Most headsets I've owned in the past have been very tight on my head and...
  12. T

    Can the GE 62 2QD Appache Pro run high end Games

    Its in the title can my GE62 equiped with 8gb of ram GTX 960 M i&-5700HQ 2.70 GHz play high end games like fallout or GTA 5 thanks:)
  13. D

    Fan Replacement For GE 220

    I have a GeForce GE 220 video card and I need to replace just the cooling fan. And I would like to know where can I purchase a new cooling fan for this video card Subject Line Edited By Mod.
  14. S

    Bypass Canon T4i 30 min mark in video mode

    I have a Canon T4i how do i bypass the 30 min record in video mode. Like every time i am recording in video mode and when it gets near 30 min mark it all of sudden stops recording and thus i have to press the record button again.. I have 32GB SD card so space should not be a problem.. How can i...
  15. L

    Laptop monitor disappeared after graphics software update

    I just installed Ge Force Game Ready Driver. Release date 5/23/16. Version 368.22. I have a Lenovo Y510P laptop with dual graphics cards. Since installing my laptop monitor is not recognized as a device or a display option. Other monitors work fine when I plug in to VGA, etc. but I can't...
  16. B

    help with stereo

    I have a Kenwood GE 7030 and KM 991 do also need a receiver to play my turntable and How do i hook this up, thanks haven't setup a stereo for sometime an want to old school and listen to my old vinyl, thanks I have a NAD turntable
  17. J

    Hi there pleasehp me my T135 is totally black and no signal i teued fn+f8 but not working also i switch off many time still ge

    Hi there pleasehp me my T135 is totally black and no signal i teued fn+f8 but not working also i switch off many time still geTting the same problem
  18. P

    weird Display flicker any guesses?

    Hey guys I have an MSI GE 60 Apache Pro. Its truly an awesome laptop but the past few months it started to do this weird flickering and making weird lines on the screen. I'll post a video of it. It becomes quite bothersome and this laptop is only a year old so i wouldn't think it's from being...
  19. J

    MSI Bloatware Removal

    I just bought the new Skylake GE 62 gaming laptop. Anybody have suggestions on ways to improve the speed (it came with so much Bloatware). I removed a lot but some things, like this thing called Energy Saver, seem vital to certain functions on the computer so it is hard to tell the difference...
  20. T

    How much should I sell my gaming laptop for?

    I have had it for only a few months, but have realized a desktop is better suited to my needs, it is in pristine condition and cost $1350 new. The computer is a 2015 MSI GE-62 Apache Pro, the specs are: i7 4720hq 12gb ddr3 ram gtx 970m 120gb ssd 1 tb hard drive 1080p 15" ips display Thank you...
  21. S

    What has happened to Google Earth?

    In Satellite View(Earth view level) in Google Earth 99% of the Street Names in the Ukraine have disappeared? I spend a great deal of time visiting (GE) and viewing all the pretty Panoramio photos people have taken. Kiev, Odessa, and Chernvtsi names have disappeared from that viewpoint. If I go...
  22. O

    Old Custom Lenovo

    I have an old Lenovo Y550 Laptop customized for gaming that i want to sell but i don't know how much it's worth or where to sell it. it has a GeForce 240M Graphics card 1GB i think Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8700 @ 2.53GHz 3GB of ram built in webcam (although seems faulty) DVD/CD RW battry...
  23. MrJak

    Need Classic CDR201 Remote Code (4 digit GE)

    I have Classic CDR201 and I don't have the romte for it. I have checked this site for a code to work on my GE universal remote, and none worked, but at least one -- I believe 0401, the record button on the remote to change the CD to track 6. If anyone has had any luck with this particular...
  24. R

    How to boot new laptop

    I have a brend new laptop MSi GE 60 2 pc Apache, and i bought him without operating system, and have no idea how to boot it an make it work, can somene help me?
  25. T

    Everytime I plug in my mouse my computer freaks out.

    When I plug my GE dual scroll optical mouse whatever I open closes. If I try to go on another webpage it redirects me back to my homepage.
  26. P

    Ge force Experience not installing

    Hey guys, I am not able to install Geforce Experience at all and hence not able to update my graphic card driver either. While installing it shows this error: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Not Installed NVDIA GeForce Experience 2.2.2 Not Installed...
  27. T

    My brand new HP laptop will display the login screen, but once I log in, the screen goes black. It tries to boot, but all I ge

    Hi It started working again after I wrote to you. If it happens again I'll let you know.
  28. T

    GE X600 Digital Camera

    The camera requires a li-ion 3.7 volt = 1100 mAh/407Wh rechargeable battery. GB-60. Max 4.2 volt and I have been unable to find a replace battery. Also need a charger and A/C cable.
  29. U

    I want to flash my firmware and change it from a chinese android version to an english version. Is it possible and how do I ge

    The tablet has the 4.0.4 version of android, the kernel version is 3.0.8, and the baseband version is 1.4rc3
  30. S

    Lenovo Y510p (i5 version) vs Lenovo Z510p (i7)

    I have short listed two laptops from lenovo. and
  31. tienlp

    Can I upgrade the MSI GE 70 from i5-4200H to i7-4700HQ and GTX 860M to GTX 870M ?

    I'm planning to buy an MSI GE 70 laptop with Intel Core i5-4200H and GTX 860M. Can I replace my CPU to i7-4700HQ and GTX 870M or 880M later ? The GE70 does have an option with Core i7-4700HQ but the GTX 870M/880M is only available on GT70, so i'm not sure about the compatibility.
  32. A

    msi GE 2OD 247US

    Would I be able to play Skyrim, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Civilization 5 on the mentioned model above?
  33. G

    ge camera with built in flip out usb quit working port on tower works for everthing else connected

    I have a ge J1470 s with a built in flip out usb for downloading & charging. When inserted directly into the tower ports there is no connection, it won't charge the battery either. Any other unit using the tower usb there isn't an issue. Is there a way to salvage this camera?
  34. M

    Ipad mini or nivida shield for gaming?

    I want to get into mobile games and want to get ether the ipad mini or the nivida shield. Or should i say ios vs android. So as far as it goes android does not have deus ex the fall yet and will not have any infinty blade games. It also does not have a personal favorite seris of my The quest...
  35. M

    Adding SSD to MSI GE-70

    Hi guys! I just purchased the MSI GE-70 gaming computer from Tigerdirect on a Cybermonday sale. This is the model: I noticed this computer did not come with a SSD as I would have hoped. I am curious, is there any simple way for me to add an...
  36. J

    Razor Megaladon No sound

    so much time spent trying to fix this. running out of ideas. Tried everything. Running MSI GE-70 3610 laptop with windows 7 SP1. currently i plug them in and get device not recognised. occasionally they will work, before cutting out soon after and again becoming unrecognisable. All the lights...
  37. A

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p vs. MSI GE Series GE60 2OE-003US

    The stats are as follows: Lenovo Y510p -Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz -16GB DDR3 RAM -1TB HDD @ 5400rpm + 24GB SSD -NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M (2GB GDDR5) SLI -Matte 1920x1080 15.6" display -Writable-Bluray Ultrabay Module MSI GE Series GE60 2OE-003US -Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz -8GB DDR3 RAM...
  38. B

    help me decide

    Hi there - I was hoping you could help me choose which bridge camera I should buy - the Fuji Finepix SL240 or the GE X600?