Oct 30, 2017
Im using MSI GE-60 OND laptop. I have a problem with my cpu.

As you guys can see. This cpu can work on 3.10 GHz but mine is not getting there. Its workin 2.9 GHz even with %100 cpu usage.

I cleaned my cpu. CPU temperature is about 75-80 °C on overload. Its a laptop i think its not that bad. But i couldnt understand where is the problem. My battery is dead so i tired to use my laptop without it but nothin is change. Its just stuck there.

Also i know 2.9 and 3.1 its very close but i just couldnt understand why. But there has to a little bit difference about fps i guess.

If you playing old games that only use 1 core. then yes. if not no.