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    3000mhz ram on i5 7300hq

    Im upgrading ram from 1x8gb 2400mhz ddr4 so dimm to 2x8 in order to increase bf5 performance(that is not the debate or qustuion here). (Acer laptop) Model Name: A717-71G-53HR Part Number: NX.GPFED.001 I scaned my laptop with crucials scanprogram: Your scanner ID:42F4F16E31D926C3 It suggests...
  2. N

    Solved! After Overclocking my laptop slowly degraded in performance until i cant run any games properly

    I know it was foolish of me to overclock my laptop but i'm not sure if i did permanent damage or if it is reversible. I've cleaned the dust on the fan, heat sync and motherboard recently.
  3. A

    How accurate is CPUID HWMONITOR exactly? (showing unusually high cpu frequencies)

    Is CPUID's HWMONITOR program accurate for cpu frequency? Because I'm getting some rather strange values (6036MHz across all cores, except core 8 running at 6126MHz) This is on a Ryzen 7 2700 without any overclocking applied (i.e everything's set to auto for now - I have plans on overclocking...
  4. crapyahmad

    why is my laptop slow

    hi, i have a laptop with a core i5 5200U 2.20 GHz and the laptop is performing very slow, so why is it, is it the cpu hdd or ram please help specs : geforce 920M core i5 5200U ram 8gb ddr3 500gb hdd Moved from Overclocking Forum
  5. Nervly

    Solved! Upgrading CPU for VR! (i5-6500 > i7-7700k vs i7-8700k)

    I currently own an i5-6500 with 8GB RAM and a GTX 1060 3GB. My motherboard is a MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon. Most games I play are alright though sometimes I experience a lot of ghosting when spinning my head due to the FPS drops and some actually stutter when something faster's going on in the...
  6. A

    Does RX 580 has heat issues?

    I'm about to buy a RX 580 Sapphire Nitro. Some of my friends are saying that it has heat issues. I'm not thinking about overclocking it and also will use the stock fans. So is there really a problem of heat in RX 580?
  7. V

    How much can I possibly overclock my PC

    I have an old Asus, model K451LA core i3, the processor is 4010U, 1.7 ghz, how much can I overclock it (if possible at all) before the CPU gets fried?
  8. M

    How do I overclock acer one 14 z422??

    Hey guys! I searched the whole internet but couldn't find any way to overclock it If anyone of you can help me out that would be great :) Thanks :D
  9. R

    Overclocking problem, is there any fix??

    I have a Asus n580vd-dm160t with a GTX 1050M 4GB, i did overclock the GPU with Afterburner :+220 MHz to the core clock and +122 to the memory clock. The problem is that every single game I play stops from rendering after about 10 sec. It freezes, the game stops on a frame but the rest is...
  10. P

    How to adjust fan curve or speed for dell laptop

    i have a Dell inspiron 7567 gaming laptop and its totally fine, but im really fussy about my pc fan noises and this laptop is no exception, dell really messed up the fan curve on this laptop coz it kicks into almost max speed at temps like 55 on gpu and 64 on cpu, like i dont need ot to be that...
  11. S

    ASUS Gaming Laptop Not Working As Before

    So, I have this ROG G750JM since 2014, and it started having some trouble running games for some months now. I have installed and uninstalled many games, applications and also moved a lot of data through it. As it is my main computer, I use it to all kinds of things, from web browsing to gaming...
  12. J

    Help And Feedback On First Build

    I bought a laptop about six months ago for $1140, and paid $300 for a warranty that said if it broke beyond repair, I would get my money back in store credit. Sadly, it broke. I now have $1140 in Best Buy Canada store credit, and am planning to build a PC instead of buying a pre-built because I...
  13. T

    Msi afterburmer crashed my pc

    I tried to use msi afterburner to overclock my gpu but I had no gpu and my pc froze now I have no mouse imput and no keyboard imput that means I cannot use my pc but the screen isnt groze because the time on
  14. C

    GTX 1070 low usage, low temperature, won't overclock

    I have a HP Omen 17 with the following specs: HP Omen 17-an005f i7-7700HQ GTX 1070 8GB DDR4 2400mhz I have set to 'Maximum Performance' mode on Nvidia's control panel, my Windows power plan settings are on 'High Performance', and my laptop is plugged in. I have disappointingly low...
  15. T

    Are these pc gaming parts compatible?

    I’d like to know if the pc parts in this list are compatible, and if the pc built based on these parts would not overheat on default settings (I won’t be overclocking this rig): https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/pL8w3b Here are the parts in case the link doesn’t work: CPU: Intel - Core i7-8700K...
  16. B

    Need overclocking advice and getting low fps.

    Hi, Two questions I have an MSI laptop and i've noticed that i'm getting low fps on games like Arma and squad. I want to overclock to see if i can run games any better. But i'm pretty unexperienced when it comes to this type of thing so i want to know what the safest way to overclock is and how...
  17. S

    Solved! VR motherboard for overclocking

    Hi, My boss has finally given me the go ahead and we are getting 8700k 2 * 8GB HyperX 3600MHz 1080Ti We already have Topower Power Train 1500W PSU (Model Top-1500W www.topower.com.tw) with 8 pin motherboard connector Corsair H80 water cooler So it just leaves the motherboard decision, we...
  18. A

    sound scratching on laptop and looking for a way to overclock f70sl laptop cpu

    Hello, i have a f70sl laptop with clean windows 7 64 bit. I installed a lot of diffrent windows 7 operating systems and it still doesnt help me. I found out that it has problems with drivers and im not sure why. On the other hand, im a mad man so i wanted to overclock this laptop, since the gpu...
  19. W

    can you over clock

    can you overclock a lenovo ideapad 110-15ibr and if so how would you do so
  20. S

    Inspiron 5559 clock speed stays at 300MHZ

    my clock speed is extremely slow and its a i7 processor it never moves from 300 mhz and the computer is slow. its 2.6ghz base speed is there something in the bios that is wrong or could it be my power supply
  21. S

    Church computer need help rebooting

    My laptop has been hacked and I cannot get it to come on anymore can't even get gateway to pop up I need help resetting my computer is there anybody out there who can help me this is for a pastor and his church
  22. S

    lenovo y720 screen overclocking

    so i tried to overclock my lenovos y720 screen to higer refresh rate first tried 75hz the screen turn black and with lines okay restarted pc(back to 60hz) tried 63 hz and then was somehting silimar but saw some compressed screen, im just wondering is this some softare bug or i just cant...
  23. S

    Is this ram compatible with my laptop?

    I have a hp pavilion 15 ck005no product number 2VZ56EA#UUW. I checked the specs from HPs website which says I have a 8gb ddr4 2133mhz ram. link here. However, CPU-z seems to say that its a 2400 mhz ddr4 if i am not wrong? I have a samsung ddr4 8gb, 2133 mhz, cl15, 1.2V ram and wonder if I...
  24. Y

    Solved! Overclocking cpu on acer aspire e5 511

    Is it possible to overclock the Acer aspire e5 e11? Using either software or Bios.
  25. C

    How can I stop my memory being so high

    It’s allways up highly and how can I get more decated graphics memory card and why is overclock not working
  26. N

    Are these safe to disable?

    Hi, so i have some MSI utilities that i don't know if are safe to disable at startup and i know what they kind of do like overclocking but i don't overclock at all. So are these safe to disable? Msi Super charger LIve Update 6 MSI StartFastBoot So which are safe to disable?
  27. L

    i5-3210m Stuck on 2.9 Ghz

    Im using MSI GE-60 OND laptop. I have a problem with my cpu. https://ark.intel.com/tr/products/67355/Intel-Core-i5-3210M-Processor-3M-Cache-up-to-3_10-GHz-rPGA As you guys can see. This cpu can work on 3.10 GHz but mine is not getting there. Its workin 2.9 GHz even with %100 cpu usage. I...
  28. U

    Overclocking radeon r5 m430 gpu on laptop

    I want to overclock my gpu radeon r5 m430 on laptop.. just want to ask how much overclock would be safe..while I have a cooling pad as well. Btw I have very less knowledge of overclocking..
  29. A

    Cpu-z and hwmonitor showing different voltages

    Hi all, I recently started to dabble around with overclocking my 8700k. And when I set my voltage to static in the bios to lets say 1.200 cpu-z will show 1.200 but hwmonitor shows numbers between 0.600 and 1.440. Which one should I believe? 1080 Ti i7-8700k Asus z370 TUF pro 16gb ddr4 2666mhz
  30. Y

    Overclocking the gtx950m?

    Hey guys, I want to overclock the GTX950m 2gb and i believe its the ddr3 version on my Msi laptop. It seems like my stock graphics is 1124 MHz and memory is 1001mhz. I am new to overclocking and know the risk of it and want to know more about overclocking. Where should I start? Should I up my...
  31. J

    Modifying locked BIOS

    I have a Lenovo G50-45. Running an AMD E1-6010 with AMD Radeon R2 graphics, the laptop is very sluggish. I have tried finding a mod for my BIOS to have clock control for my CPU, GPU, or/and RAM. My laptop has never once generated heated as it is really super slow. If anyone has any form of BIOS...
  32. L

    minimum bitcoin wallet value to be displayed on a website

    hey!!! i am kinda new with mining and i know this isn't the right forum but i am kinda lazy to make another account for another forum. so, i've been mining for 3 hours or so and i made 0.00000968BTC as shown in nicehash (what i use). for the wallet i use triv (an indonesian website) because it...
  33. R

    Experience overclocking gtx 950m

    Hi, I have an asus vivobook a550vx-dm660t Intel core i5 7300hq quad core 2.5ghz turbo up to 3.5ghz 8gb RAM Nvidia gtx 950m 2gb gddr5 Windows 10 64bit SSD 256GB I mostly play battlefield 4. I am wondering can I use nvidia inspectore to overclock the GPU or is the gpu too weak? And if I overclock...
  34. S

    ASUS G750JX, accidental gpu overclock bricked my laptop.

    I accidentally screwed up overclocking with Evga Precision X. The voltage slider went to 1.5mv and the Kboost switch was right next to it, so... Never use touch pad for OCing guys. So now the HDD, fans, keyboard lights, screen, nothing comes on, but the power-on light is working, So its drawing...
  35. keith12

    Can any OC experts explain to me clearly what VID is?

    Hi all, As the title says, I'd like to understand better what part VID plays in OC'ing. I had always assumed that it was the defined voltage for running a particular CPU at it's stock clock, and fully stable. An example being my recently retired Q6600 (GO stepping). It had a 1.3 VID, so when I...
  36. S

    Solved! Overclocking mid range gaming laptop, is it safe?

    Hello, So I am wondering if it is safe to moderately overclock a mid range gaming laptop? The machine I am using is an i7 6500u, 12 gb RAM, 940 mx 4 gb (with intergrated gpu also), 1 tb HD, windows 10. Now I will take these safety precautions: - will not touch the voltage. - will not...
  37. C

    Alienware m17xr4 8 beeps error code after overclock

    So I used evga's over locking tool from steam, I did a 140 mhz overclock and everything was fine, layer on I went to install something and it told me to restart, so I did, now it will not boot or post, just gives me an 8 beep code, I have changed the cmos battery, which then changes to a 5 beep...
  38. D

    msi afterburner sliders not moving

    I have a i5-6200 8gb ram with a 940mx gpu with windows 10 and when i downloaded and installed msi afterburner, the slides are either not moving, and when it does, after hitting apply, it would turn back to 0. And one time it worked then when i restarted my laptop it didint work again. I have...
  39. A

    Underclocking sky devices phone

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if it,s possible to underclock a sky devices elite 5.5 Octa phone. Android 6.0 is the OS installed. I know that it,s not a known phone, so it may not be possible to do that kind of thing at all. Do I need to root my phone? What kind of app do I need to install? Thanks
  40. V

    Overclocking Nvidia 920M

    Hello, So i have got very very low budged laptop for now because my family bough new apartament and car and i have got low fps on all games like 50 on league of legends on low settings. I've got 8 ram and nvidia 920M. I decided to overclock it but tell me how much should... I have got...
  41. G

    How to overclock Intel Celeron Quad-Core Processor N3150?

    So I've been playing a few games and making a few videos lately, but my programs seem really slow. I've been trying a few overclockers, but they don't seem to actually uh, work on Intel Processors. Are there any overclockers that work on my excuse of a processor that is said to run even old...
  42. E

    Can I put a Ryzen X processor in a A320M motherboard?

    Hello, I know that to overclock a Ryzen processor we need a B350 and X, etc, but since its already overclocked is there any problem?
  43. C

    Hp bios mod??

    I am very much in the infancy stages of brainstorming a bios mod that would allow me to overclock my i7-4200mq to push a 4.0ghz mark. As this is just a brainstorm ,where would one theoretically start research to learn the teqhniques to accomplish such a radical and dangerous modification...
  44. M

    Is there an aesthetically good looking system monitoring software?

    So I've started to really get into overclocking (current i5 4690k @ 4.5Ghz) and I'm looking to overclock my gpu as well (R9 390). In looking into how to do this I came across AMD's WattMan, and while "sadly" a cant use it because it only works with there 400 series gpu's and up, out of all the...
  45. J

    Lenovo Y50-70 gtx860m

    I'm trying to figure out how to get the most out of my laptop and it seems that the bottleneck would be the graphics card at a GTX 860m? I can overclock the GPU about 10% from my test, but heaven states the graphics is onboard graphics x256mb as seen in pictures, however when I'm running the...
  46. E

    Clockgen won't run correctly

    The overclocking software clocgen runs correctly on my compaq Presario desktop, but it won't run correctly on my Dell Inspiron desktop.I'm running windows 8 on both computers. Why?
  47. K

    Solved! Extreme CPU temperature while gaming on clevo p775dm3-g( core i7-7700)

    My system is built off the Clevo p775dm3 barebone and is currently equipped with a core i7-7700 CPU and a GTX 1080, of late I have noticed that its crashing on multiple games depending on the CPU and GPU load..I used MSI afterburner to monitor temps and depending on the game the CPU hovers...
  48. F

    Need help in overclocking intel hd 510

    I have i3 6098p, 4gb ddr4 ram and intel hd 510 i get 20-23fps in assassins creed 4 at 720p(low settings) but i want better fps can anybody tell me how to safely oc intel hd graphics and which version of intel extreme tuning utility to use? I have the latest but it doesnt show all options in...
  49. D

    MSI Afterburner Problem

    when i try to use msi afterburner it wont work the overclock options stay greyed out. a picture of what is happening ------> http://prntscr.com/f751rc
  50. S

    Is it possible to overclock a Core M5-6y54

    This is probably a stupid question but I was wondering if its possible to oc an M5-6y54, if so how do you do it?
  51. LIQMAN007

    Can I Overclock My 970m?

    Hi, I have an Alienware 17 with a 970m gc inside and was wanting to know if it's possible to overclock? The laptop already runs warm so I wanted to ask before performing a mistake.
  52. C

    Need help on how to make my computer faster for processing photos in Lightroom and Photoshop

    Not sure if this is in the right forum but just wanted to know ways of optimising my computer for photo editing in Lightroom as it's lagging a lot and slowing down my workflow, thanks. Preferably options whichc don't involve upgrading hardware completely. XPS 13 XPS13 MLK (9360), Windows 10...
  53. C

    Solved! Can I safely overclock my Toshiba Satellite C75D-B?

    If so, how? I purchased it only about a year ago and I put 16 GB RAM in it. Runs Windows 10. AMD8. It is increasingly slow. Run mutliple malware tests...clean. Have disabled many apps. Is there anything I can do?
  54. O

    Can overclocking laptop gpu damage hdd

    Hello I have a laptop model: asire aspire 5750g My question is whether the graphics card overclocking laptop Is there the possibility of damage to the hard disk or not Between the two there is a connection or not I'm sorry for poor English (Google translate:D)
  55. PetarV

    Is it safe to overclock a laptop video card?

    I was wondering if it is safe to overclock my laptop with a 960m.I use it 2 to 3 hours a day.I do use a laptop cooler, I think its a must have for gaming.I can get +135 core clock speed (base is 1097) and mem clock speed +1000 (base is 2505).What difference will that make and how should I...
  56. Ihavenousername

    2 buttons next to power button, don't know what it does?

    Hi, I just got an MSI GP72 Leopard Pro Gaming Laptop, and it's my first MSI product, so I'm a bit unfamiliar with it. I know how to handle switching between to graphics cards, so that's a start. Anyways, there are 2 buttons next to the power button, and all I can do is guess because I cannot...
  57. L

    How can I overclock the Core 2 Duo T5470 CPU?

    I have a laptop (Acer TravelMate 5720) with an Intel Core 2 Duo T5470 CPU. I know that it isn't a very good idea to overclock laptop cpu's, but it is old so it doesn't make sense if it fries itself. Mod Edit for Language
  58. S

    can i overclock my laptop cpu and/or gpu?

    The title says it all, is it safe to overclock my laptop cpu/gup safely? If yes how much? My laptop is the acer predator 15, with the model being G9-592-71EF Here's the specs: Operating System Windows 10 Home Processor Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ processor 2.60 GHz Graphics Nvidia® GeForce®...
  59. R

    How to change max non turbo boost ratio and reference clock when they are locked

    I'm using Extreme tuning utility by intel and I am trying to overclock my laptop to 3.3 ghz from 2.6 because I know it can run much better than it currently is so I want to get it up there permanently however It's got a locked bios as HP have a record for doing so and i want to change my...
  60. S

    Overclocking temperatures cpu

    So I'm new to overclocking and have a question, when im using prime95 I stress test my cpu and the temp hits upto 82 celicus ( running an i5 6600k) @4.1Ghz but when monitoring my cpu temps whilst doing my most consuming demanding tasks, eg. playing games and music, I reach 62 celcius. My...