Solved! Overclocking mid range gaming laptop, is it safe?


Aug 2, 2015

So I am wondering if it is safe to moderately overclock a mid range gaming laptop?
The machine I am using is an i7 6500u, 12 gb RAM, 940 mx 4 gb (with intergrated gpu also), 1 tb HD, windows 10.
Now I will take these safety precautions:
- will not touch the voltage.
- will not overclock the CPU.
- Use a cooling pad and elevate the laptop to allow it to vent better.
- use safety margins on the overclock for both core and memory.
- monitor the temperature via MSI afterburner and heaven benchmark. I try to keep the temperature below 75 Celsius, is that safe?
That being considered, up to how much was anyone able to increase core and memory overclock on this GPU before experiencing crashes and artifacts?
Should I consider boosting the shader?
Do you think it's a safe way to boost FPS and game performance?
I appreciate you thoughts and suggestions I am fairly new to overclocking.

Thank you.
No you should not overclock your Laptop Becouse of the Heating issue
and most of the 95% laptops are locked can not be overclocked becouse of the same reason