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  1. L

    CPU Overclocking AMD

    Hi guys! (Again xD) I recently made a CPU Stress test, and after 10min running at 100% load temps was 59C (Max) 45C Min. And 55C Average. So I want to push my CPU further because temps are not bad. I would like to overclock my CPU but don't know if I can. Here is my CPU: |||...
  2. L

    GPU not working at full speed

    Hello guys. I recently purchased a new laptop, which has AMD A6-7310 with R4 integrated GPU. It also has AMD R5 M330 dedicated GPU, so I overclocked R5 to 1100Mhz both memory clock and core clock with MSI Afterburner. So my problem is, that in game I have lag. I know, I know, it isn't gaming...
  3. L

    Integrated to dedicated.

    Hello guys, I need your help. I have AMD A6-7310 2.4Ghz CPU with integrated AMD R4 GPU, and I also have AMD R5 M330 dedicated GPU. So how do I switch to dedicated GPU for gaming? And I also want to overclock my R5 but I'm not pretty sure at it. Please reply.
  4. P

    Overclock i7 4700mq

    Just Saw a thread on technoinferno to overclock i7 4700mq The link is here https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/9636-tutorial-4ghz-overclock-i7-4xxxmqh-to-i7-extreme-conversion-intel-haswell-cpu-microcode-bug-hack/ the dump or download of bios is required for microcode editing...
  5. J

    Alienware m17x r4 no post problem

    Hey Guys new here, I've been looking forever for a solution to my laptop's problem and I need help. It's a Alienware m17x r4 2014 model with i7-4800MQ cpu, modded 970m 6gb gddr5, 16gb ram, 80gb ssd+ 320gb hdd and windows 8.1. Bought this while back around 2015 for the school year. The story is...
  6. K

    Suggestion for new gen gaming Laptop

    Hi Guys I want to buy a Gaming Laptop And I am mostly concern about Graphic And VRAM for better gaming and rendering work I can only spend around 90,000INR(Indian currency) (which is around 1350$ U.S DOLLAR) and also I am looking for laptops who has their customer support in INDIA Some spec I...
  7. T

    A-10 5745m APU Laptop | Bios limits RAM Speed , can I overclock?

    So I have a laptop with an APU (HP Pavilion) . Is it possible to overclock my memory if I upgrade it from 1333 to 1600 MHz. If it is is there going to be a noticable performance boost ? (I want GTA 5 to be playable 30+ FPS on the lowest settings and resolution)
  8. A

    Used GTX970M msi laptop 3dmark11 757 BAD?

    Msi GS60 2QE used laptop only/ no original charger and accessories I went and checked the laptop since i had no idea to check if it is working properly or is the parts genuine i used the 3dmark11 test demo software. And i really don't know what the result is "good or bad" hmm? Graphics Score...
  9. C

    Question regarding MSI GT60 laptop temperature...

    So... Here is the deal. Have MSI GT60. Nvidia 680M (4GB VRAM) and Intel i7-3630 QM 2.4 GHz cpu. Rest of specs: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152367 Anyway, I noticed it was running a little on the high side of normal for both cpu and Gpu in terms of temperature, so I...
  10. H

    Laptop GPU OC

    Hey all I have a Lenovo ideapad with r5 m330 and i7 5500U ,couple of weeks ago I found that the gpu is Underclocked (975 core Clock compared to the stock 1000) I finally decided to OC it to get it to at least the stock clock speeds,so using sapphire trixx I managed to OC it to 1020 Core Speed...
  11. My Life Is Tech


    Hehe, this should be interesting to read people's opinions.... ASUS ROG GX700VO (Watercooled, Overclockable) Intel® Core™ i7 6820HK DDR4 2800(O.C.)/2400 MHz SDRAM, up to 64 GB 17.3" 16:9 Full HD (1920x1080)/IPS UHD (3840 x 2160) anti-glare NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980 with 8GB GDDR5 VRAM MSI GT80S...
  12. B

    I hav dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series. I hav problem with keyboard. It is not working. How can i solve this problem?

    I was doing my work in solidworks. My keyboard automatically stop working.
  13. A

    I need to overclock my laptop that does not support overclocking.

    My laptop is a HP Notebook 15. I've looked everywhere for anything to do anything related with overclocking. I've looked in my BIOS, the web, my manufacturer, etc. I have the latest BIOS as of Friday, June 17, 2016.
  14. T

    guide please my laptop overheating

    while using open hardware i came to knoew that my laptop gives temp 79 when idle i have done overclocking using amd overdrive then temp inc high but after undo oc temp still dont falls please guide me
  15. M

    I need AND want to overclock my lenovo ideapad N585 ubuntu.

    I need to overclock my ideapad n585 running ubuntu 15.04 at 4GB ram and 1.48 GHz. Can anyone tell me how? Please dont tell me not to, as its just plain annoying. :fou: I know what im doing and i need to overclock.
  16. M

    How mutch can i overclock my nvidia geforce 920m?

    I want more fps in games so I want to overclock my NVidia GeForce 920m... intel core i5-5200U up to 2.7 GHz ..but I don't want to wreck my computer so I want to know how mutch I can overclock this laptop.. (windows 10)
  17. euphoria4949

    [Help Request] Unigine Valley & Heaven Error On Startup

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this please. I get the: [Cannot find 'browser_x86' please try again], error on startup with both Valley and Heaven. Does anyone know a way to run Unigine Valley or Heaven 'without' having Internet Explorer installed??? Is there something in a Unigine...
  18. 8

    hp pavillion dv2000 won't boot

    My hp pavillion dv2000 with Vista frequently wouldn't boot. When turned on the dashboard lights illuminated but there was nothing else happening. Eventually it ceased to run at all. When I inquired at computer shops, they said it was probably the mother board and to not bother trying to...
  19. P

    Cpu overclocking its frequency + max fan

    Hi, I have a recently new laptop that runs windows 10; with 8gb of ram and an Intel i7-4712MQ @ 2.30GHz (thermal paste). I am having issues with the CPU going to its max frequency and higher (up to 3.3Ghz) even though the CPU usage is as little as 1%-25%. The fan then goes to its full spin to...
  20. L

    Ram overclocking help

    Ok, so i have a i7 6700k with a nh d15 that i have set the voltage down to 1.200 v. Before it was 1.264 v (auto). I have some hyperx savage 2666 mhz ram that is currently 2133mhz. If i set them up to 2666Mhz, do i need to change the voltage on the cpu or do i just enable xmp on the ram through...
  21. J

    is there a way to overclock 2.0GHz AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 Accelerated Processor

    I bought a hp pavilion with 2.0GHz AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 Accelerated Processor and Radeon Graphics, 2 years ago. now most games need a faster processor.. Can i overclock this pocessor? And If i can , which program will do it?
  22. F

    AMD build desktop for under $800

    I already posted a qustion about building a PC for $800 and got good responses. Someone had this to say. "If you really want an AMD CPU, then get an FX-8320, a really good board and overclock it. It would make a lot more sense and would perform at a much, much higher level, if you simply went...
  23. M

    GTX 800M and 900M series rebranded?

    Good day I have an Dell Ispiron 14 7447 laptop with Core i5 4200H cpu, 4GB RAM and a GTX 850M GDDR3 gpu memory. (Cpu and Gpu I think is SOLDERED into.the board) - I saw that my Memory data rate only speed up to 900 MHz (1800 MHz effective) If I overclock my memory speed to 1000 MHz (2000 MHz...
  24. R

    Stuck at 0.77

    Hi :) I used throttlestop on my Lenovo Ideapad Z570 laptop. I have problems with the processing speed stuck at 0.77Ghz. When I used throttlestop, the processing pwer returned to its normal speed. Is it safe?
  25. S

    Laptop pop sound after shutting it down from the power button

    Laptop : Lenovo Y50 UHD RAM: 8GB CPU : Intel core i7 4710HQ GPU: GTX 860M 4GB DDR5 So this happend to me before but i didn't expect it to happen again (Last time was due to overclocking, but i didn't overclock this time), i had alot of programs opened in background (Minecraft, Google chrome...
  26. G

    Can I overclock my GPU?

    I have overclocked my cpu, and need more from my GPU. Its an integrated graphics card, but is there a way to overclock it? My bios doesn't give any options to though. Thanks. Its a lenovo ideapad 15IBR
  27. S

    Alienware 17 doesn't post after overclock

    Hi there, I own an alienware 17 (november '14) with a gtx 765m, i7-4700mq. My screen was the 1600x900 resolution, running at 110Hz. While trying to overclock I noticed that my memory speed and clock speed of my gpu were very low and they wouldn’t change even if I changed my oc. I decided to do a...
  28. A

    Advice for Buying a Gaming Laptop.

    .. the two models are EON17-X RTS Display Type: EON17-X 1920 x1080 17.3" Backlit Matte Display LCD Screen Calibration Graphic Cards: Single 8GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M Processors: Intel Core i7 6700K Quad-Core with Professional ORIGIN PC Overclocking Thermal Compound: Included...
  29. A

    Intel turbo boost

    Hi I have an asus X555LJ and I would like to know how to activate intel turbo boost after reaching bios menu. I don't know what to do.
  30. StormFalcon

    Extreme laptop cooling (0-10 Celsius)

    I am looking to cool my laptop to temps that are at least under room temperature. I thought about using a TEC but it turns out they suck if you are trying to use them with an air cooling system. I don't want to water cool it (water and electronics does not sound good to me) so I can't use a TEC...
  31. ZeusGamer

    Asus RealBench App

    Hi, I was wondering if I could use this to benchmark my CPU while doing an overclock? I heard that Prime95 is bad for Haswell chips just because there's things that it does that can damage it.
  32. MoZiggly

    Forcing Turbo boost/ OC a gen2 Laptop

    First of all I apologize if this is in the wrong subforum Second of all I know there are a lot of threads about OC'ing a laptop and why you should not do it. My question, however, is this. Is there a way to make it so that my intel i5 2540m is always running on its max turbo frequency...
  33. A

    GPU1 low clock on SLI

    I have a laptop with gt750m sli. Sometimes when i turn on my laptop i have fps issues. I've checked on msi afterburner that my gpu1 has much lower core & memory clock than gpu2. I can fix it by simply restarting. It happens on certain sessions of windows so its not depend on usage & heat or any...
  34. T

    Asus EEE PC 900 overclock issue !!!!

    I have an EEE pc 900 which i overclocked using eeectl i got custom settings from here: http://privat.bahnhof.se/wb409723/blandat/eeeoptmz/eeectl.ini i put it into high overclock mode and it only gave me 999.02 mhz and nothing more its supposed to go to atleast 1ghz. I don't know if im doing...
  35. T

    AMD HD 7600M Series Overclocking

    I have an HP Pavilion g6 Laptop with: i5-3210m HD7600M 8 GB ram After I searched the internet,I had a result that my hd 7600m series is equivalent to hd 7670m, but with 2 GB of vram. Then I wanted to overclock my gpu but When I use MSI afterburner, it shows that my core and memory clocks are...
  36. cv_02kr

    Overheating causing crashes; suggestions? Potential overclocking?

    Alright. This might be a long one. First off, I want to say this laptop was bought refurbished, and have no idea what's original and what isn't. Yay! Well, other than the keyboard that I've replaced twice and once again isn't working. (currently using USB, before you poke fun at me.)...
  37. A

    Is it possible to overclock Intel Core i3 4005U ?

    Is it possible to Overclock the Intel Core i3 4005U to any other Frequency ? Because its frequency is very low , only 1.7Ghz ? In the game debate i saw that it's turbo speed is 4Ghz See this-http://www.game-debate.com/hardware/index.php?pid=1927&cpu=Core%20i3-4005U%201.7GHz My Laptop is-HP...
  38. S

    What should I upgrade primarily next?

    Here are my current pc's specs , I'm not sure if anything's bottle necking anything or if i should just make another gpu upgrade? Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 4670K @ 3.40GHz Haswell 22nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Gigabyte...
  39. ramalpan

    Will overclocking CPU help improve supreme commander performance?

    Hello, I play the rts game supreme commander every now and then. The game lags A LOT as you transition into lategame periods of each match and I was wondering if overclocking my cpu would help with that. I have always held off on that as I figured other people's cpus would be causing the...
  40. S

    Overclocking the GTX 980m?

    I have the Asus G751JY 980m, G-sync version. I was just wondering if I would be able to overclock this laptops gpu by 10% or 5% safely? Is it possible? And how? I do understand this laptop has excellent cooling but I am also concerned for the safety of the laptop, Thanks!
  41. I

    Which is best deal? MacBook Pro 15" Iris vs MacBook Pro 15" 2GB DDR5 GPU vs iMac 27" 5K

    I am currently looking forward to get an Apple Computer. I do know much about PCs or Macs, so I taking your word for it. I am aware that the most expensive Mac is the best, but is it really necessary? I am investing into a good computer for video editing maybe about 1080p video that is about 30...
  42. G

    Is it possible to overclock my amd radeon 6630m gpu in my vaio laptop?

    I would like to overclock my gpu as running not very demanding games like borderlands 2 and battlefield 3 run at around 35 fps on low settings, and can drop under 30 while in a fight etc. while running these games my gpu useage is maxed out and has a temperature of around 55 degrees celsius and...
  43. S

    Low Performance on Battery even with High Performance selected

    Bought a new ASUS TP550LJ Laptop. Runs great when plugged in with High Performance selected. Use it to play SC2 and what not... getting 60-100fps. When unplugged however, it drops to 15-60fps and I also made sure high performance was selected for power plan. Configed NVIDIA properties to be...
  44. L

    Somethings wrong with my java.....very bad HELP ME!!! [Gave Up]

    I cant get java to work. I have the version 8 update 60. i found the java files in C:\Program Files (x86). And java still doesn't work. My path is C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin On the control Panel I found the java...
  45. I

    Geforce 840m graphic card overclocking - voltage

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to overclock my Geforce 840m laptop GPU. So far I have overclocked it as: + 135 MHz core clock + 300 MHz memory clock offset If I try to raise the memory clock above 300 MHz my card becomes unstable and drivers cras. Now, my question is, should I be raising my GPU's...
  46. P

    Overclocking with gigabyte ud5 r5

    i would like to overclock my 8350, when i got into BIOS, everything is set to auto, and it wont let me change multiplier at all, anyway i can change this, so i can overclock?
  47. T

    Overclocking i7-5700hq to 3.5ghz

    I am fairly new to pc gaming and am trying to overclock my cpu. Any and all tips are welcome! Thanks
  48. D

    About my GPU ........

    How can I successfuly overclock my ATI Radeon HD 5450, without causing any excess heating leading to harm ?
  49. G

    Help! Over clocking 750ti ftw

    I following a video on you tube on how to overclock this card by a guy called high legion. I followed his step and got an over clock , it was fine. I changed it back to the normal setting but now worried I could of damaged card ?
  50. T

    Laptop Blue Screen Error

    Hi everyone, i recently bought a manufacturer refurbished acer e3-112. every hour or so i get the error message:whea_uncorrectable_error, and my laptop restarts. when i boot into safe mode the following drivers have yellow exclamation marks: system firmware, 12c controller and generic pnp...
  51. S

    Is my friend right about his point at overclocking in laptops?

    So I recently overclocked my laptop using MSI Burner and usually the tempreture rises 60C-70C while playing games, (But with no games it is at 50c - 54C) however, he told me that you cannot overclock your laptop. and that it's a fake overclock, and told me it just burns your laptop from inside...
  52. S

    Easy steps to overclock?

    So I am confused really with overclocking and need someone to explain simply about it with steps. I want to overclock my GTX 860M 4GB. to get atleast 25%+ performance. or atleast 10%+. however, I don't know anything, like what program to use, what to do, and also, how can I know that my card...
  53. DOGEsandstorm

    Overclocking older CPU and GPU. What is the best settings for me?

    So my problem is, that i was interested into overclocking, and i tried overclock CPU and GPU on nVidia Control Panel. For the first time i've tried to Overclock nVidia GT520 1GB. I checked overclock perfomance on Counter Strike:Global Offensive. All the time game runned bit faster but oftenly i...
  54. M

    How to underclock Acer Aspire v3 771?

    Intel Core i5-3230M 2.6GHZ with turbo boost up to 3.2GHz Intel HD Graphics 4000 6GB DDR3 Memory Is there any way to underclock/overclock my laptop? I have been looking for a while now.. and cant possible find a way.. I know the consequences of overclocking
  55. G

    Is my graphics card thermal throttling?

    hey, I own the MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G (running 1440p resolution) I can't do any significant overclock what so ever, even w/ stock clocks my frame rate deeps to ~20 fps after around 30 minutes of gaming, in games from Battlefield 3 and counter-strike GO to less demanding games. I have to alt tab...
  56. S

    How to overclock my cpu on laptop? And do I need Coolers?

    Hi, I got a laptop with I3 3120M 2.5 ghz hyperthreading dual core. I need to overclock it to increase my performance in some games. however I am aware I can't afford buying a cooler (I do have money for it but my family thinks it's something stupid to waste money on, PFF) however, I want to know...
  57. K

    Overclocking Nvidia Geforce GTX 950m and Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.60 GHz

    First of all I have a laptop named MSI GE70 2QD Apache. So I have a few questions about overclocking that I wish to get answered here: What is overclocking? What do I get for overclocking? Does overclocking harm my computer? Are there any side effects when overclocking? Why would I...
  58. F

    i want to overclock but not able to do so

    i have an acer pc with dual core pentium processor with american megatrends bios but after entering the bios it doesn't contain any option for overclocking.... So i need help cause i want to overclock my pc
  59. X

    How to set maximum temperature limit for GTX 960m

    My ASUS rog GL551JW GTX 960m is Throttling when temperature reach 75C. I was wondering for awhile why it seems that my temperature would stop dead at 75C and then drop to 70~71C when playing The Witcher 3 or when benchmarking and notice lag, also fps drops. Nvidia inspector is unable to...
  60. H

    Overclocking My GPU

    i have an XFX R9 280X DD with the standard fan cooling. I want to overclock it but don't know how or what to do it to. can anyone help?