Aug 12, 2015
Hi everyone, i recently bought a manufacturer refurbished acer e3-112. every hour or so i get the error message:whea_uncorrectable_error, and my laptop restarts. when i boot into safe mode the following drivers have yellow exclamation marks: system firmware, 12c controller and generic pnp monitor. also, i came across something else, when open task manager it says the maximum speed of my processor is 2.16GHz, but when the CPU gets to 100% it reached 2.55GHz. i have never done any overclocking. i have heard this error is related to overheating, but i don't know if my laptop is overheating. the hottest it ever gets is 65-70 degrees Celsius or 149-158 Fahrenheit. somebody suggested i update the bios, i have done that and its still happening. i have no idea why this is happening, please help!!! i am running win 8.1


Here are some steps that might help you fix that problem. That mainly has something to do with the operating system.

1. Press Windows key + R then type in "CMD" in the run box that will open and click OK.
2. Once Command Prompt is opened type in "sfc /scannow" then press Enter.
3. It might take awhile but be sure to reboot the PC once it finished running the scan.
4. For the driver problem you found in Device Manager try reinstalling the chipset driver.
5. Here's the link where you should find the drivers for your laptop.


Nov 4, 2012
That bugcheck generally is directly called by the CPU. Update the bios or reset it to defaults. Make sure the CPU fan is working/ blow dust out. Power fluctuations can also cause this problem. Remove any overclocking software you have installed. The memory drumps can also help determine the cause of the bugcheck. You can put them on a public server like Microsoft onedrive and post a link.