Geforce 840m graphic card overclocking - voltage


Sep 1, 2015
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to overclock my Geforce 840m laptop GPU. So far I have overclocked it as:

+ 135 MHz core clock
+ 300 MHz memory clock offset

If I try to raise the memory clock above 300 MHz my card becomes unstable and drivers cras. Now, my question is, should I be raising my GPU's voltage so that I'm able to increase the memory clock offset even more? If yes, then how much should I increase? The reason why I'm asking is that I'm concerned that I don't brick my GPU... With these settings above the GPU operates at 68 celsius temperature ( which is quite low when GPU's are in question). So my question is:

By how much mV should I increase my GPU's voltage so that I don't brick it? I'm using Evga precission tool and the settings are as shown:


The current voltage is set to 775 mV. Can someone help me out? Thanks!

Best regards


Getting any form of overclock out of a mobile gpu is good, settle for what you got free, if stable at full cpu+gpu load and don't push your luck, remember a laptop has a very fine line before you cross the thermal limits of its cooling capabilities and do damage.


Nov 7, 2015
I have the same GPU and i have arleady tested the voltage.
I tested only until k boost, the temperature rise to 72 degrees but the GPU looks stable and better.
I hope I helped you. Is not very dangerous overclock voltage but don't rise up until k boost. ;D