Apr 28, 2015
Msi GS60 2QE used laptop only/ no original charger and accessories

I went and checked the laptop since i had no idea to check if it is working properly or is the parts genuine i used the 3dmark11 test demo software. And i really don't know what the result is "good or bad" hmm?
Graphics Score
8 959

Physics Score
8 690

Combined Score
7 566

shouldn't gtx970m do much better than this? is it because of the clock 540Mhz?

One thing i noticed is the core clock is at 540Mhz!! isn't it supposed to be higher? and and during 3dmark11 test shouldn't it perform to the max? i what to know what caused this laptop GPU to have 540mhz is it the charger? is it because gpu has crashed/damaged before that it wont go above 540Mhz? is this a minor issue or a big one? should i be spending money on this laptop? Please tell me about the laptop is its good or bad.