What has happened to Google Earth?


Jul 24, 2014
In Satellite View(Earth view level) in Google Earth 99% of the Street Names in the Ukraine have disappeared? I spend a great deal of time visiting (GE) and viewing all the pretty Panoramio photos people have taken. Kiev, Odessa, and Chernvtsi names have disappeared from that viewpoint. If I go to street level the street names can be seen.

If you go to Google Maps the Satellite and Street View Modes you can see the street names. But GM is not as responsive and I have to fight the information square in the left corner. Now I have sent an informational Email to My Local TV Station (TroubleShooter is not always on your side). I asked in a Google Maps Forum(Google has dropped support for GE Forums). I sent information to GeoHacks group. Nobody wants to give me an Answer. I think it is because of the political instability in the Ukraine right now.

I guess the answer is NO answer


Jul 19, 2009
Try this (taken from a different msg board):

If you have enabled the roads layer in the Layers panel on the left, and you still don't see the street names or numbers, try switching to OpenGL or DirectX graphics mode, whichever you are not using at the moment. You can do this via the Tools menu in GE: Tools - Options - 3D View tab, or via the Windows Start menu if you are using Windows.

A lot of the replies say that switching to directx graphics mode in the tools menu worked.