Adobe premiere pro 6 export time

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Nov 15, 2014
Hey all quick question here, recently I have been getting into some video editing and whatnot and have been using premiere pro 6. I'm working with some gameplay footage at 1080p, 60fps, 50Mbps for bit rate. The clip I have is 22minutes long and I'm exporting at 1080p 60fps with h.264 encoding to a mp4 file format, target bit rate at 50Mbps, with very few transitions and no color correction. I'm exporting the video and its taking a long time, about 1 hour or so. I have a 5930k overclocked to 4.5ghz. Problem im having is during the exporting my CPU usage seems low floating between 50-70% and ram usage is around 7-10gb. Is the usage supposed to be so low and inconsistent? How long should my export time be? I was under the impression exporting would use my CPU to 100% and times would be pretty low. Is there a setting I'm missing? Is my export time ok or too long? Any help would be great as I'm new to this editing stuff. Thanks!


Oct 17, 2013
Premiere's h.264 encoder is not very good (speed or quality-wise). Your encode time is on par with what I expect given my own experience.

It's bad enough that I just have premiere encode to a fast lossless codec (like utvideo) and then use x264 (via ffmpeg) to transcode to the final h.264 format. Yes, that's right - premiere's h.264 encoder is so bad that bypassing it by going through two rounds of encoding is actually faster (not to mention it results in much better quality per bitrate). At 1080p60, utvideo encoding through premiere results in roughly real-time speeds (maybe even a tad faster) and a single-pass encode with x264 with the fast preset is slightly slower than real-time (2-pass is ~0.6-0.7x realtime).
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