Advice for a desk audio setup?


Dec 28, 2014
I need some kind of audio splitter and a set of new speakers.

So I have a set of Razer Kraken Pro's and a set of Sennheiser HD518's, as well as the GoGroove BassPulse desk speakers with a subwoofer. I need a device that will take inputs from at least my pc and phone, and possibly an optional input from my Xbox 360, that will allow me to switch both of those inputs to each of the three outputs and amplify them so that I don't have to boost the volume from each of the inputs. Every switch I've found either isn't amplified or isn't capable of switching to separate outputs.

I am wanting to replace my current desk speakers (a 6 inch sub and 2 2-inch drivers) with a couple of high quality 4-inch desk woofers. Any in particular that aren't over $200?

Thanks for the help!
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